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Apple TV

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Connect Apple TV 4K to your TV and give your screen an upgrade

  • Watch live TV, movies and shows in the very best 4K HDR quality
  • Download all your favorite apps directly on your TV screen from the integrated App Store
  • Swipe everything from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to your big screen
  • Easy and intuitive navigation with the Apple TV remote or Siri

Soon available with Flex packs

All your favourite entertainment with Apple TV

  • Watch live TV via the Proximus Pickx app
  • Add more sports, series & movies with our TV options
  • Download apps like YouTube, Netflix, …
  • Get  where you can watch Apple Originals movies and series for free

Frequently asked questions

A Google Chromecast connects to your TV via an HDMI cable, just like an Apple TV. This allows you to swipe/cast all content from your tablet or smartphone to the big screen. This is possible with both Android and Apple smartphones, while with Apple TV the focus is mainly on Apple devices. Both devices also allow you to operate the TV with your voice (with Google Assistant vs Siri) and both have versions that support 4K quality. 
The big difference is that a Chromecast does not provide for an integrated app store to appear on your TV screen. So, you won't be able to download apps directly to your TV and will always need your smartphone. For gaming, too, you're better served with an Apple TV. In addition, the TV experience will also be different, comparable to an Android smartphone versus an Apple smartphone.

A synonym for 4K is "Ultra HD". This is a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. So Ultra HD is a very high resolution, four times higher than "Full HD", which has a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels. So the bottom line is that you get to see more pixels and therefore more details on your TV. This sharper reproduction of images means a better movie experience. To be able to enjoy this you'll also need 4K content (movies/series), a 4K television and a good Internet connection (bandwidth of at least 23 Mbps). 
High Dynamic Range (HDR) makes the colors brighter and more realistic. Moreover, you'll see a lot more details. From the latest movie to your favorite series, everything becomes more vivid than ever.

Yes, an Apple TV device can be connected to any TV set that has an HDMI connection! This means you can turn any TV into a Smart TV! To enjoy 4K picture quality you'll also need a 4K TV.

Yes, certainly! You can easily buy them online or later via your MyProximus app. You'll then find the purchased options in your Pickx app. Three exceptions:

  • If you buy our Pickx Mix option, you'll only be able to watch the related channel; it will not be possible to go to the movie catalog on your Apple TV. But you can do this via your smartphone (Pickx app) or via
  • Nor can the "Adult" TV option be watched on Apple TV due to Apple restrictions. This can only be done via a decoder!
  • It is not possible to buy a Netflix subscription via Proximus, unless you already have such a subscription running via your Proximus bill, in which case it can simply continue. You therefore have to buy a Netflix subscription through the Netflix website itself.

Any additional questions ?