The installation of your internet and TV

Simple, easy, and quick for anyone

A hassle-free installation tailored to your needs

Do you want to become a customer or add a product as an existing customer? It's very easy!

When you place your order, we assess the technical situation of your home and advise the most suitable installation: 

  • Self-installation if the technical situation is suitable: it's simple and we send you the equipment within 3 days to get you connected. 
  • If an installation by a technician is necessary, he takes care of everything: he checks what you need and you benefit from his expertise for a complete and worry-free installation.

DIY Installation

  • Delivery of the equipment within 3 days to your home or a Bpost pickup point
  • Install your Internet Box and TV Box in just a few minutes
  • You're ready to surf the internet and watch TV!

Installation by a technician

  • Our technician checks the place where you want to install your products.
  • He installs or replaces the Proximus connection, checks the existing cables between the connection and the Internet Box, and places more cables if necessary (up to 20 meters).
  • He installs, connects and configures the equipment.
  • He will analyse your Wi-Fi network.
  • He will show you how to use your new products and answer your questions.

Free installation with Flex
(Value €59)

What happens during the visit of the technician?

Free installation: free installation by a technician (value: €59) for new Flex customers.