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Safe data highway

Published on 15/03/2016 in Customer Stories

Safe data highway

Hiring or selling a car, planning a service or scheduling repairs after an accident: thanks to UBench International, the driver has nothing to worry about anymore. The company’s solution brings all the parties involved together.

In 2003, UBench International launched a digital ecosystem for service companies in the automobile sector. Carmakers, bodywork firms, leasing companies, insurers, insurance brokers and claims experts work closely together to offer the customer the best possible service, in the context of a leasing or an insurance contract. UBench International supports a fleet of around 600,000 cars. Over 500 suppliers are affiliated to the company’s ecosystem. “In the UBench International concept, speed and cooperation are essential,” says CEO Peter Verbraeken. “We relieve drivers of all their cares via a one-stop shop.” If the driver has an accident, the UBench International solution ensures that all the parties involved spring into action immediately. They arrange for a courtesy car and immediately start looking for a solution to repair the damaged car.

Duplication at every level
“Our role is to make sure that the right information is available to the right partners straight away,” Verbraeken explains. “Proximus serves as the facilitator that carries the digital information and takes it to the right place immediately.” The focus at UBench International is on operating security and safety. “The digital ecosystem runs day and night, seven days a week. Everyone has to be up to date on what is happening all the time and all the data has to be permanently available. What’s more, the information is confidential, since it includes personal details and contracts. So the IT environment not only has to be efficient and available, but it has to be secure, too.” That’s why UBench International, in consultation with Proximus, opted for redundancy at all levels. The company’s data is mirrored in two Proximus datacenters. In the datacenters, UBench International has redundant servers and storage based on Dell technology. UBench International worked closely with Proximus partner SpearIT for this.

Annual assessment
“As a start-up company, back then we wanted to focus fully on our core activities,” Verbraeken continues. “Proximus grew with us on a very flexible basis, right from the start. That was important to us because, from day one, we wanted to offer our customers peace of mind and certainty. We manage to do that, but with the help of a strong partner.” An assessment takes place every year, when Proximus and UBench International check whether the solution on offer covers the needs of customers and partners in the ecosystem sufficiently. The Deloitte consultancy firm included UBench International in its booster program for fast-growing companies. “We came through the audit of our IT environment with flying colors,” says Verbraeken. “We are continuing to extend our capacity and security. In the future, we are planning to deploy even faster mechanisms for backup and recovery.”

Business benefits
  • Redundant data storage
  • Secure IT environment based on Dell technology
  • Focus on core activities
  • Peace of mind thanks to improved reliability
About UBench International

UBench International offers solutions for integrated fleet management. The services focus, among other things, on claims management, servicing, repairs, temporary hire and sales. UBench International is based in Turnhout and has a staff of about 20.

Peter Verbraeken is a civil engineer (specialization: energy and automation). He has worked for Fabricom GDF Suez and SGS Belgium, among others. He came into contact with fleet management via the insurance world. He set up UBench International in 2003.


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