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Is fiber available for you?

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100% fiber into your home!

What is fiber?

Fiber uses light to transmit signals and is therefore much faster than the traditional copper wire.

Fiber to the home

Until now the last part from the street to the house was made of copper or coaxial cables. Proximus is the only operator in Belgium to provide fiber to your home, thus offering you the best available network.

Technology of the future

Fiber offers a fast, constant and stable Internet connection, without any loss of quality. It doesn’t matter with how many people or devices you’re surfing simultaneously.


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Fiber light Fiber light Fiber light Fiber light
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Wow, ultra-high-speed Internet!

With fiber you benefit from speeds of up to 220 Mbps for downloads and 25 Mbps for uploads, without any lags or interruptions. You even have the opportunity to increase these speeds to up to 400/50 Mbps with the Fiber Boost 400/50 option, which is compatible with our Tuttimus and Familus Fiber packs.

Compare the download speed

Music album (40 MB)

With fiber 1

1 sec

With your current connection 2

5 sec

Video game (20 GB)

With fiber 1

12 min

With your current connection 2

39 min

Movie (1.5 GB)

With fiber 1

56 sec

With your current connection 2

2 min 56
  1. Numbers based on a fiber connection speed of 220 Mbps.
  2. Numbers based on a copper/DSL connection speed of 60-70 Mbps.

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