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Frequently asked questions

The Epic apps were selected on the basis of studies showing that these were the most popular apps among young people:

  • The social media apps are Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok.
  • The music apps are Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, One World Radio-Tomorrowland and Audiomack.
  • The video apps are Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and the Proximus Pickx app.

When you use these apps, no data will be billed. So your data is endless. But this doesn't mean the subscription is included: for example, if you want a Netflix subscription or Spotify Premium, you have to sort that out yourself!

Good question! In Belgium and in the EU, you have free data at the maximum speed for all your included Epic apps, until you reach 40 GB. After that, your Internet speed for the apps will be lower in Belgium and in the EU, namely 512 Kbps. But don't worry, this is still high enough to continue using your apps. To give you an idea: in theory, you can listen to Spotify in normal quality at 96 Kbps. Did you know that you can watch Netflix in SD for 40 hours before you reach 40 GB?

The main difference is of course in the TV component. The "light TV experience" is for people who don't necessarily need conventional TV and for whom watching TV via an app and via our Proximus Pickx website is enough. You simply pay for what you really need: the 23 most popular channels and there are no extra options or possibilities. Apart from that you of course also get 40 GB for the included video apps (YouTube, Netflix, the TV app and Twitch).

The "full TV experience" is for true TV lovers. They also receive a decoder to watch TV directly on the big screen. They have access to more than 80 channels and can also add further options.

Yes, of course! Your experience will be even better because your Internet speed is even higher with fiber, namely 120 Mbps for downloads and 20 Mbps upload with Epic combo "light TV experience" and even 350/30 with Epic combo "full TV experience". Data is also unlimited! Unfortunately, fiber is not yet available for everyone at the present time. Our systems will automatically indicate this in the webshop when this is the case!

Epic combo « full TV experience »

Web promo: Promotion valid from 15/11/2021 to 31/01/2022 included for every new internet subscriber choosing Epic combo "full TV experience". Offer cannot be combined with other current promotions except for the combined offer of a smartphone with the mobile subscription and the combined offer with Apple TV. Monthly discount so you will pay €59/month during 3 months. Afterwards you’ll pay the regular price.

Be tv promo: offer valid from 03/05/2021 to 31/01/2022 included, by purchasing the TV option Be tv at €24.99 per month. Only for TV customers of Proximus. Action combinable with other promotions. Discount applicable only once per client and applied as €10/month during 3 months on the Proximus payment statement.

Pickx All Stars/Pickx All Stars & Sports: Offer valid from 03/08/2020 to 31/01/2022 included, by purchasing the TV option Pickx All Stars at €29.99 per month or by purchasing the TV option Pickx All Stars & Sports at €39.99 per month. Only for TV customers of Proximus. Not compatible with the Flex Premium pack. Action not combinable with other promotions, except the Flex advantage of €0.99 offered on TV options. Discount applicable only once per client and applied as €5/month during 3 months on the Proximus payment statement.

Epic combo « light TV experience »

Web promo: Promotion valid from from 15/11/2021 to 31/01/2022 included for every new internet subscriber choosing Epic combo "light TV experience". Offer cannot be combined with other current promotions except for the combined offer of a smartphone with subscription. Monthly discount so you will pay €49/month during 3 months. Afterwards you’ll pay the regular price.

Combined offer with Apple TV 4K

For every customer (new or existing) taking an Epic combo "full TV experience", a price of €69 instead of €199,99 will be applicable for an Apple TV. When choosing for an Apple TV, there will be no Proximus decoder delivered anymore. Contract of indefinite duration. When the customer terminates its abonnement within 24 months, a residual value needs to be paid conform the amortisation table in the contract. This is not applicable when the customer switches to a Flex pack with at least one mobile subscription. After 24 months the contract can be terminated without any consequence or residual value to be paid. While supplies last. Compatible with all other promotions, for example a discount on an Epic combo "full TV experience" pack, a webdeal, previous and future combined offers of ‘a pack & a device’ and the combined offers of a ‘mobile subscription & a smartphone’. Invoices should be paid by direct debit. Purchase of the device should be via bank card. Info & legal mentions on proximus.be/epic.


  • Your rate plan is valid in Belgium and on the go (roaming) within the EU* (+ Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), excluding premium numbers (voting numbers, 0900, etc.) and third-party services for which the rate is defined by the manager of that number. 

  • Calls are billed per second as from the 61st second. The 300 minutes included in your bundle are valid for calls to mobile and landline numbers. Unused minutes and megabytes are not carried over to the next month. 

  • Epic apps: you have 40 GB at your disposal in Belgium and in the EU for surfing at maximum speed. Once you have used up your 40 GB, you can continue surfing without limits at a reduced speed (maximum 512 Kbps) in Belgium and in the EU.* 

* Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain (includes the Canary Islands), Estonia, Finland, France, (includes French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Mayotte and Réunion), Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden + the United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. 

  • Other data usage: your Internet connection will be cut when you have used up your 4 GB and your out-of-bundle data usage reaches €60, until the start of the next billing cycle. You can check your data usage in real time via the Epic app. We will also send you a text alert when your bundle has been used up and when you have almost reached the €60/month limit. You can buy extra data bundles via the Epic app. 

  • Your rate plan is not valid outside the EU, so you have to pay per MB. You also have to pay per call minute and text. The rates vary per country and can be consulted here  

  • The general terms and conditions of the apps remain applicable. Restrictions may apply for certain apps. For more information, see www.proximus.be/support. 

  • Proximus reserves the right to change the offer, subject to a two-month notice period. 

  • General Terms and Conditions of Proximus


  • Wi-Fi Hotspots and Smart Wi-Fi: registration and acceptance of the general terms and conditions. Activation of Smart Wi-Fi via the MyProximus app > network 

  • Unlimited fixed Internet volume: after using 3 TB, your Internet speed will be limited until the end of the following month, unless you activate your free 300 GB of extra data via MyProximus. More information: proximus.be/internetpolicy

  • Fixed Internet speed: the maximum speed is theoretical and is not reached by all customers. The download speed at home depends on factors such as the distance of the connection point, the availability of VDSL, the computer installation and the internal cabling. These must be optimal in order to reach the maximum speed. Check your speed: proximus.be/internetspeed

  • Installation by a technician (worth €59) included for new Epic customers. 


  • TV Replay, TV Replay+: free of charge for all customers who already have or who opt for Familus or Tuttimus. The availability of TV programs and TV Replay depends on the television channels and any authorizations they may have received to exploit said programs. Also available on a PC, tablet and smartphone via the Pickx app. The list of channels available in TV Replay on TV and the Pickx app, as well as the specific terms and conditions, can be found on www.proximus.be/tvreplay. TV Replay is not available for Scarlet customers. 

  • TV: For more information about the availability of TV, HD coverage, the possibility to connect several TV sets, or the offer of channels and packages in your region: www.proximus.be/tv 

You developed an app within the category social media, music or video? And you would like to become part of our Epic offer in order to make it possible for our subscribers to use your app without consuming data? Then fill in this form below and we will treat your application as soon as possible!

What's in the Epic combo Pack?

Epic combo contains everything you need to be connected everywhere, all the time: 

  • Unlimited data for all your apps + calling minutes
  • Internet in your home
  • TV everywhere via the Pickx app

  • Unlimited data for your apps + call time
    Stay connected at all times with Epic combo, enjoy your favorite video, music and social network applications without limits. Besides unlimited data for these apps, you also get an additional 4 GB for the rest, unlimited call time and unlimited SMSes.
  • Internet in your home
    Equip your apartment or home with a superfast unlimited internet. Download as much as you want at a speed of 100 Mbps per second and upload at a speed of 20 Mbps. You also get free installation by a Proximus technician, saving you no less than € 59!
  • TV everywhere via the Pickx app
    Use the Epic combo to enjoy your favorite programs without decoder. The Pickx app lets you access and watch television on your smartphone and your tablet. On your laptop you just go to www.proximustv.be and on your TV use the Chromecast dongle or simply go via an HDMI cable connected to your computer.