Fiber is coming to Liège: choose for the technology of the future

Published on 30/04/2020 in Be the first to know

Fiber is coming to Liège: choose for the technology of the future

Yes, you read that right! Fiber has arrived in Liège, the “ardent city”. The roll-out will be done in several phases, street by street. In a few years' time, the whole city center and many other surrounding areas will be covered.

Our mission is to offer you high-quality fixed Internet access, and it is fiber that will best meet the demands of the future.

How will I benefit from fiber?

Thanks to this thin fiberglass that transmits data over long distances at the speed of light, you're guaranteed an ultra-fast, stable and reliable connection, ultra-low latency when playing games online, and a sharper image than ever before on all your screens. Of all Internet technologies, fiber is the best choice for the future!

What’s more, unlike most other operators who stop the roll-out of fiber at street level, Proximus fiber is pulled right into your home or business, to ensure outstanding performance.

Want to test the speed of your current Internet connection? Test it here!

But how is it actually installed?

1. We install the optical-fiber cable in your street

We lay our optical-fiber cable in your neighborhood street by street. To allow the installation into your home or business, preparatory work is needed (excavation or façade work). We make sure you are kept informed at every stage of the process and do our utmost to minimize the inconvenience.

2. We connect your home or business to fiber free of charge.

Once the works have been completed in your street, the optical-fiber cable will be pulled discretely into your premises. You will then be contacted to make an appointment with one of our technicians, who will install the connection box (ideally, close to a power outlet) and activate your Fiber pack. If you live in a building, your trustee will be kept informed and will have to give his approval for an optical-fiber cable to be pulled into each apartment.

Did you know...

As soon as the fiber cables are installed in a neighborhood, we gradually start uninstalling the traditional copper cables. From that moment on, if you want to continue surfing the Internet, making calls, or watching TV, you have to switch to fiber technology.

So, opt for optical fiber today and take advantage of the fact that we are currently in your neighborhood installing it free of charge.

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Is fiber already available for you? Test your eligibility.

Let's meet to discuss fiber!

Our Fiber Truck will be stopping by your neighborhood to answer all your questions. For specific questions related to the works, you can also call us on 0800 24 028 or send us an e-mail at

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