E-mail whenever you want when you’re abroad

Published on 08/06/2015 in Customer Stories

E-mail whenever you want when you’re abroad

Obviously you need to be available on your mobile and have Internet access when on a business trip. Especially during the long waits at airports or between meetings. TforG knows that .

TforG is a consultancy company in the medical technology sector. It has an international client portfolio and focuses mainly on Europe and growth countries. International clients means travelling. “A lot of traveling”, emphasized Bart Ongena. He has been a business developer since 2002 and his work takes him all over the world. “Our activities are mainly focused on hospital equipment and supplies. Our colleagues at the office are constantly talking to hospital administrators all over the world and I visit all our customers regularly. Five of my colleagues are mainly active in Europe, but my activity radius extends to all four corners of the globe.”

Not a minute wasted
If you want to keep up today you always need to stay connected, even when you are abroad. This is even more so when travelling for professional reasons. “I want to be able to check my e-mails at any time, whether I’m in the US, Switzerland or Asia. This is why I have a roaming package from Proximus. Not all airports provide free Wi-Fi. Fortunately, most hotels do, but you are often cut off from Internet when travelling. The roaming package allows me to put all those empty moments when travelling to good use. I can also check and answer e-mails in-between appointments, or make and confirm agreements, etc.”

Saving time
Eight people at TforG have been using an individual roaming package for two years. Most of them only use it in Europe, but heavy user Bart Ongena uses his package all over the world. For him, it is a question of efficiency and saving time. “I gain a lot of time thanks to the package, otherwise I would have to do all that work in my hotel room in the evenings. When I do work in the evening, I use the hotel’s free Wi-Fi.”

About TforG

TforG, founded in 1991, specializes in business intelligence solutions for the medical sector. The company is based in Antwerp and has twenty employees. Its second office in China has five employees.

  • Always access to e-mail and Internet abroad on your smartphone
  • Using ‘empty’ moments more efficiently saves you time
  • You can choose your data volume according to intensity of use and geographical reach
  • Transparent costs


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