Legal and contractual information

Legal and contractual information

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Top-up cards

Please note: the credit of your Pay&Go card is limited to a maximum of €250. Beyond that limit, you will lose every additional top-up.

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Terms and conditions for professional customers

The products and services of Proximus for professional customers are subject to the following conditions:

These general terms and conditionscomplement the Specific Terms and Conditions related to the product and/or service in scope of the solution you have purchased with Proximus. However, they do not apply to fixed, mobile and internet communications services. The general terms and conditions for these services are mentioned further up on this page.

To consult the Contractual Service Descriptions (including the Specific Terms and Conditions), please contact your Proximus Account Manager or visit the MyProximus.

Pricelist and tariffs

Current tariffs

Price changes as of 01/01/2017

Our aim is to offer you the best experiences, that’s why we adapt our offer regularly. We invest massively in networks, in solutions designed to meet your expectations and in an increasingly wide range of content.

A few recent examples:

  • The new Tuttimus, Mobilus and Familus ranges, allowing you to call, surf and watch as much TV in abundance
  • The increasing of the upload speed to a maximum of 15 Mbps*
  • The rolling out of 4G+
  • The new Proximus TV experience, available on all your screens

And for independent customers and SME customers:

  • The new Bizz All-in, Bizz Mobile and Bizz Office ranges
  • Cloud products such as OneDrive or new options, free of charge, included in business Packs
  • Service guarantees: a same-day response for your Internet/fixed line/TV, 24/7 technical support, free help with installing and configuring the ICT products included in Bizz Office and Bizz All-in Packs
  • The increasing of the upload speed to a maximum of 20 Mbps*

In order to keep on guaranteeing that you enjoy the best experience, the prices of some ranges of products and services will change with effect from 1st January 2017.  but, even in spite of these changes, our Packs are still among the most competitive on the Belgian market. This competitiveness is boosted with the launch of the Tuttimus, Mobilus and Familus ranges in October 2016 as well as Bizz Office, Bizz Mobile and Bizz All-in for freelancers and SMEs.

If you’d like a full analysis of your Internet, telephony and TV needs, or if you’d like to find out how to switch to one of our attractive new ranges of products and services, come and see us at a Proximus Centre. We’d also be delighted to answer any questions you may have by telephone on 0800 55 800 (0800 55 500 for freelancers and SMEs, 0800 55 200 for businesses with 10 or more employees and the public sector).

Obviously you are entitled to terminate the relevant subscriptions at no cost, in writing via www.proximus.be/resilier.

* Fixed Internet speed: The maximum speed stated is a theoretical value and, in practice, not all customers will get this speed. Indeed, the download speed at your home depends mainly on the distance between the point of connection and the exchange, VDSL availability, your computer set-up and the internal wiring. These factors need to be the best possible in order to be able to browse the Internet at the maximum speed. The use of Wi-Fi may also reduce your connection speed. To find out what your speed is, please go to www.proximus.be/vitesseinternet (or www.proximus.be/bizzvitesseinternet for freelancers and SMEs).

Line Rates
Specific expenses and indemnities
Call Rates

A. Phone Line (standard rate)

B. Private market tariff plans

  1. National calls:
  2. International calls:
  3. Roaming prices
  4. Calls to a mobile phone:
  5. All type of calls:

C. Professional market tariff plans

  1. Programme Unlimited Calls
  2. Value Pack program
  3. Fuse Program
  4. Roaming prices
Previous tariff plans (no longer commercialized)

Privacy Policy

Proximus understands that your privacy is very important to you, and we therefore do what is necessary to respect it as well as possible.
That is why your personal data is only used by the Proximus Group; it is never communicated, without your prior consent, to third parties for commercial purposes.

At the same time Proximus commits to always keeping you informed about its special offers and promotions that are likely to interest you. However, if you don't want to receive any commercial messages from us, you can easily inform us of this at any time via different communication channels (e.g. MyProximus or 0800 55 800). We will make sure your wishes are met.

The sections below detail how Proximus handles your personal data when you use our services, such as fixed and mobile telephony, the Internet, Proximus TV and other audiovisual services, and when you visit our websites proximus.be, proximus.com, skynet.be and m.skynet.be.

Collection and use of personal data

If you want to use our services, you may be asked to provide some personal data, such as your first and last name, address, login, e-mail address, telephone number, mobile number, date of birth, language, and a copy of your identity card. We may also ask for other data which we need to deliver the service, such as specific preferences and requirements related to the service concerned.

Personal data can be collected through various channels: e.g. orally in the Proximus points-of-sale, by telephone via the customer service, in writing via order forms or via electronic forms on the websites, via the MyProximus app or by SMS. We can collect your personal data when you place an order, take part in a test, survey or competition, call the customer service, when you identify yourself as a user of a Pay&Go card, subscribe to a newsletter, or ask us for information. Your billing and payment data is also stored.
In addition, we collect data about the use you make of our services and websites, about the types and brands of devices you use for this and about the communication traffic that transits our network. The communication traffic may include the fixed and mobile telephone numbers called, the date, the time, the duration and location of a communication or of an Internet connection. We can also use socio-demographic data and consumer information that we buy from specialized agencies.

The personal data that we collect via these different channels is stored in files held by Proximus plc under Belgian Public Law (Bd du Roi Albert II, 27, 1030 Brussels). This data is used to deliver the required service or information, to establish and bill the connection with the electronic communication networks of other operators, for customer administration, to draw up and distribute telephone directories and offer directory assistance, to market the telephone numbers and addresses mentioned in the telephone directories, for dispute management, to detect fraud and infringements committed against Proximus, its employees, customers or suppliers, to improve the quality of the services, for the planning and organization of the telecommunications infrastructure, for market research and customer profiling to provide you with more relevant information about our products, services and offers and to attune the advertising on Proximus TV more closely to any interests and needs you might have. All the data we collect can be combined to create your profile and better attune our offers to your personal needs.

If you do not wish to receive any information about our products and services, or if you have a specific preference for the communication channels we use to inform you, or if you do not want us to adapt our offer or advertising on Proximus TV based on your profile, please refer  to the "Your wish for privacy" section to find out how to opt out of this.

Personal data is stored for up to 10 years after a person has ceased to be a Proximus customer. Shorter storage periods apply to certain categories of data, such as the data about your communication traffic, which is not retained for longer than 12 months.

In accordance with the law, all processing of customer data has been notified to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy. Proximus’ identification number for these notifications is HM 133424. Notification has been filed for several purposes, such as customer administration, direct marketing, market research, customer profiling, dispute management, combating of fraud, telephone directories, trade in personal data, camera surveillance and reporting services.

Telecommunications secrecy

The content of the communication traffic that transits over our network such as fixed and mobile telephone calls, e-mails, text messages and the content of your Web browsing behavior, is protected by the laws on telecommunications secrecy. This means that Proximus and its employees are not entitled to take cognizance of such content. Proximus has taken the necessary security measures and given strict instructions to its employees to respect the secrecy of telecommunications.

The telephone calls you make to our customer service may be recorded to serve as evidence in case of a dispute about a commercial transaction. Said telephone calls may also be recorded and listened in to by a quality control monitor.

Protection of personal data

We have taken technical and organizational measures to protect the databases in which your data is kept against unauthorized access, unauthorized use, theft or loss. Our security measures are regularly evaluated and adapted so that we can continue to provide a high level of protection.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

We may render some of our databases accessible to third parties working for us or assisting us with the performance of our tasks and marketing activities, e.g. our partners or call centers that sell Proximus services in our name and on our behalf. Such third parties only have access to this data on a need-to-know basis, to enable them to perform their task on our behalf.
Your personal data and the data on the Proximus products and services you use, can be shared with the subsidiaries of the Proximus Group to keep you informed about the products and services of the Proximus Group as a whole. In case of non-payment, we can inform our subsidiaries about your payment habits in order to protect the interests of the Proximus Group.

When you surf the Internet with your Proximus mobile subscription and purchase third-party services such as mobile applications online and pay for them using Proximus' M-Pay service (meaning that Proximus bills you for the amount that you must pay to the third party for its services and then passes on that amount to the third party), Proximus may communicate your mobile number or another identification number that is created when you use the M-Pay service, to said third party to make the payment possible.

If you agreed to have your fixed-line telephone and/or mobile number listed in the telephone directory and/or in the directory assistance file, we will pass on this data to Directory Information Services, a Proximus department which deals with the telephone directories and the 1405 directory assistance service. You can ask for changes to your listing by calling the toll-free number 0800 98 022 (NL) or 0800 98 033 (FR) or by sending an e-mail to gids@1207.be or annuaire@1307.be.

If you file a complaint via the telecommunications ombudsman's service, we may have to pass on your data to the ombudsman's service to enable it to handle the complaint.

For the rest, we do not give the collected data to third parties, unless we explicitly state that this is required for a specific action, or unless we are required by law to provide said data, e.g. at the request of the competent legal authorities in connection with a judicial inquiry.

Use of anonymous data for reporting services

There is more and more interest in society to use location data for reporting such as on the number of people that are present in a given place at a certain point in time. To create such reports, Proximus may use the location data generated by the mobile telecommunication network and the mobile telecommunication traffic on that network, possibly in combination with other customer data in Proximus’ possession. In doing so, Proximus does of course take the requisite measures to respect your privacy. Only anonymously created data is used to draw up the reports. Moreover, the anonymous data is grouped together in such a way that the recipients of these reports are not in any way able to reduce the information to individual customers. Where certain reports do relate to smaller groups, additional measures are taken to prevent any possibilities of re-identification.

Other customer data, too, may be anonymized and amalgamated into larger groups and in this way be used for internal and external reporting. For example, your viewing behavior may be processed in anonymous reports on the popularity of TV channels and programs.

In all cases, Proximus ensures that reports do not make it possible to identify an individual on the basis of Proximus' data.

Privacy policy with regard to our websites

You can visit our websites (proximus.be, proximus.com, skynet.be, m.skynet.be, Proximus11, ProximusMusic, JustForYou and ProximusTV) without having to provide any personal data. However, access to certain parts or functions of our websites may be limited to visitors with an account on skynet.be or a MyProximus account, subject to the correct password and login being entered.

  • Connection data
    We register information about the connection you make to our websites and the software and devices you use to accomplish this. This information includes your IP address, the time of your visit on the website, the type of browser and the type and brand of equipment you use and the pages you visit. This data is used to create statistics and improve the quality of our websites and service through analyses of your surfing behavior on our websites. This information may also be used to tailor our offer on the website to any needs you may have.
    If you visit a Proximus website, we can use your surfing behavior on our websites and other data we have collected to offer you a more personalized offering of services and products which meet your specific needs more closely.
  • Comments and content that you post on www.skynet.be
    If the comments or content you post in the Skynet News section, on Skynet forums or in a Skynet blog give rise to complaints, or if your comments or content do not comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use and the "Code on Illegal Content" which is set out on www.skynet.be, this can be registered in our databases so that appropriate measures can be taken, such as removing the comment or content, or deleting your profile. Your data can also be transferred to the judicial authorities at their request or in the framework of our obligation to inform the Public Prosecutor of any illegal content. If you are not a Proximus customer for your Internet access, the judicial authorities may obtain your identity through your Internet Service Provider by recovering your IP address. For more information about this, please refer to the "Terms and Conditions of Use" and the "Code on Illegal Content" on www.skynet.be.
  • Proximus' cookie policy
    You can consult Proximus' cookie policy via the "Cookie Policy" hyperlink found at the bottom of the homepage of our websites.
    When you log into MyProximus a cookie is installed in your browser that enables us to recognize you as a visitor of our website and adapt the content of the homepage on our website www.Proximus.be to your personal situation, including if you are not logged into MyProximus during a subsequent visit.  If we recognize you as a visitor, we can address personalized messages to you on our website which you may find informative, such as the number of loyalty points you have collected or the status of your last bill. We can also inform you in a personalized way about the Proximus products, services and promotions that we think could be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive personalized messages when visiting our website, www.proximus.be, follow the instructions below:
    • on the page where you log into MyProximus, click "I'm not ....... (your name)"
    • on the next page on which you arrive, click the Proximus logo at the top left and you will go to the non-personalized version of the website.
  • Hyperlinks
    Our websites may contain hyperlinks to websites that are not managed by Proximus. Such hyperlinks are provided purely for information purposes. When consulting such websites, we recommend that you carefully read their privacy policy.
  • Follow-up of commercial e-mails from Proximus
    Proximus may send you e-mails in order to keep you informed about its existing and new products, services and promotions, unless you have exercised your right to object. Proximus uses tools to measure and follow up the impact of these e-mails: has the e-mail been opened or not, has the hyperlink been clicked on or not, etc. These tools are used to increase the efficiency of Proximus' e-mail campaigns and to better adapt Proximus’ offer to your personal needs.
  • Evaluation of products and services
    Partner technology may be used on our websites to allow you to evaluate our products and services for the general public. The personal data collected in this process is used to manage the evaluation service. The content of the comments you provide may be displayed on websites other than those of Proximus, without mentioning any of your personal data, such as your e-mail address. When making a comment, you are required to use a pseudonym. Moreover, you must not enter any personal data in the comments field.
  • Analysis of the use of Proximus' websites
    We may use third-party services ("third-party analytics" services) on our websites to monitor, analyze and report on the use visitors make of our websites. Third parties that deliver such services to Proximus can to this end collect anonymous data on your use of our websites, including your behavior on our websites. Such data enable us to track down where there may be errors in our websites and to determine how we can improve your user experience on our website.
Privacy policy with regard to Proximus TV and other Proximus audiovisual services such as TV Partout

The data that you provide to Proximus via different channels and the data that Proximus collects on your use of the Proximus TV services or other Proximus audiovisual services, are incorporated into Proximus' databases (Bd du Roi Albert II, 27, 1030 Brussels).
The Proximus TV decoder is equipped with software which registers and stores the operations carried out.
This data can be processed to:

  • allow the contract to be implemented successfully;
  • ensure that the Proximus TV services and other Proximus audiovisual services are delivered properly;
  • enable us to provide you with personalized recommendations regarding the Proximus TV services;
  • allow customer management;
  • conduct market surveys and establish user profiles;
  • adapt the advertising on Proximus TV to your profile;
  • detect fraud, e.g. infringements of intellectual property rights;
  • conduct information or promotional campaigns related to Proximus Group products and services, including by post and/or e-mail. This information can be personalized based on your use of Proximus' products and services.

If you would rather not receive information about Proximus' products, services or promotions, or if you don't want advertising on Proximus TV to be adapted to your profile, please refer to the "Your wish for privacy" section below on how to inform us of your choice.

If you prefer non-personalized over personalized recommendations in connection with the Proximus TV services, you can inform us of your preference via the selection menu on your TV screen.
The data that is collected may be disclosed to partners assisting Proximus in the delivery of the Proximus TV services or if such disclosure is necessary for the delivery of the service, or if you have authorized such disclosure. No individual customer data is passed on to the advertisers that show their adverts via Proximus TV.

Your wish for privacy

You can read below how you can inform Proximus of your preferences with regard to your privacy. We do our best to update our systems and databases as quickly as possible, but bear in mind that it nevertheless takes some time to implement your choice in practice.

You are a Proximus customer:
On our website, www.proximus.be, go to MyProximus (top right) and log in with your password.
If you have not yet created a MyProximus access, please follow the instructions given there to create one.
Once you are signed in on MyProximus, go to the "My account" section and then to "My reports", where you can configure your privacy choices.

  • If you do not have Internet access, you can inform us of your choice by calling customer service at the toll-free number 0800 55 800.
  • If you do not want your data that is published in the telephone directory to be marketed, you can inform us by calling the toll-free number 0800 98 022 (NL) or 0800 98 033 (FR) or by sending an e-mail to gids@1207.be.

You are not a Proximus customer:
You can call the following numbers to inform us of your wish for privacy:
0800 55 800 for private customers, liberal professionals and SMEs;
0800 55 200 for medium-sized and large companies and public institutions.

The "Don't-call-me-anymore" list

If you no longer wish to receive any commercial calls from companies or organizations on your fixed line or mobile phone, you can put your name on the "Don't-call-me-anymore" list. You can do so via the website www.bel-me-niet-meer.be, by calling 078 77 00 12 or sending a letter to the Belgian Direct Marketing Association at Noordkustlaan 1, 1702

All companies and organizations that make commercial offers by telephone or mobile phone  are obliged by law to comply with this list. They must remove your telephone number and name from their call files and may no longer call you for their products or services or for special promotions. It is the responsibility of every company and organization to respect the "Don't-call-me-anymore" list.  Proximus does not have the powers to supervise and control this. For any complaints regarding unsolicited commercial calls, you can contact the Federal Public Service FPS for Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy, Contact Center, Rue du Progrès 50, 1210 Brussels or call the toll-free number 0800 120 33.

Proximus advertising via social media

If you have set up a Facebook, an Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account, Proximus may display, via that account, advertising for its products, services and promotions that could be of interest to you. If you do not want such advertising, you will need to adjust your ad settings in your relevant account or via www.youronlinechoices.com.

Your right of inspection and correction

You have the right to inspect and, if necessary, correct your personal data. To do so, send a request (dated and signed) with a copy of your identity card to the Proximus Data Protection Officer (Bd du Roi Albert II, 27, 1030 Brussels).

Changes in our privacy policy

Our privacy policy may be extended or changed in the future (for example, to accommodate new developments). For this reason, we recommend that you consult this privacy policy regularly.

Last update: 05/01/2017

Name changes

In an effort of simplification of our offer, the naming of certain of our products will change as from the 1st October, without any change of content, price or conditions.