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The independent research agency Commsquare regularly carries out tests and measurements all over the country – in cities, municipalities and on the move1.

The latest measurements by Commsquare were taken between 03/05/2018 and 12/06/2018. Below are some of the results. The estimated maximum upload and download speed gives an average of the speeds that users experience on our network.

Mobile Internet With a 4G smartphone With a 3G smartphone
Estimated maximum download speed 65.5 Mbps 10.6 Mbps
Estimated maximum upload speed 20.7 Mbps 2.7 Mbps

The 4G-smartphone measurements were taken simultaneously on the Proximus network and on those of other operators.

Calls without interruption with a 4G device:

Proximus: 98.8%

Orange: 98.2%

Base: 98.8%

Average download speed with 4g device:

Proximus: 65.5 Mbps

Orange: 54.6 Mbps

Base: 61.2 Mbps

Video streaming without interruption with a 4G device:

Proximus: 98.2%

Orange: 97.7%

Base: 97%

Average upload speed with 4g device:

Proximus: 20.7 Mbps

Orange: 18.5 Mbps

Base: 18.9 Mbps

  1. A vehicle with different receivers drove an average of 11,400 km on Belgian roads to measure the quality of the different operators everywhere. Measurements were also taken on the train for 20 days. In total, 8,500 calls were handled and 4,400 data tests were conducted per operator. Measurements were taken on 4G smartphone, connects to 4G, 3G or 2G depending on the availability. The measurements were done by Commsquare in Q2 2018 (03/05/2018 - 12/06/2018).

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