Contact centers

Contact centers

Call Centers

Optimise interaction with your clients

In today's competitive global marketplace, customer service is increasingly critical to attract and retain customers. At Proximus, we can offer various types of call center solutions, all tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Our call center solutions include call queuing and routing based on ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

Optional features
  • Text To Speech (TTS) or Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) functionality
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • CRM integration bringing a 360° view on all customer details into one system
  • Skilled based routing forwarding the call to the agent with the right skills to answer the question

Contact Centers-as-a-Service

A contact center in the cloud stands for of flexibility and mobility


  • Move from capex to opex and enjoy the benefits of a fully functional, high-performance contact centre without the investment in dedicated hard- or software
  • The administration interface is very simple. You can outsource the administration of the contact center or have an administrator in your organization
  • Provisioning new agents and home workers was never faster and easier. The contact center evolves together with your business
  • CCaaS solution easily integrates with CRM systems or can act as a disaster recovery solution for your existing contact center
Advantages Contact Center
  • Because Contact Centers-as-a-Service is a fully web-based solution, your administrator only needs a browser and an Internet connection to set up a contact center. The administrator is able to manage the contact-center processes via the Virtual Call Flow Builder.
  • Administrators and operators have 24/7 access to their calls, e-mails and faxes.
  • Flexible and accurate reporting on both historical and real-time data, fully tailored to the needs of the administrator.
  • Agents only need a phone and an Internet connection to get started. They have access from anywhere, even using tablets. Therefore, Proximus Contact Centers-as-a-Service is ideally suited for home workers. Your operators can also be reached when on the road.

Marketing Numbers

They are unique, easy to remember, and very flexible


  • Maximize your company's accessibility and improve your contacts with your customers and partners and your knowledge of your current and future customers.
  • Strengthen your company's image
  • Draw attention to your main services
  • Obtain a 100% response rate for your incoming calls
  • No investment in hardware or software, no extra line is required on your part. Numbers are virtual
Advantages Marketing Numbers

Our offer


You are easily accessible to a wide public

  • Your customers and prospects can reach you free of charge
  • You pay the calling charges
  • The ideal solution for your general help desks and promotional campaigns
  • The solution if you want to establish a large number of useful customer contacts quickly
090X and 070

You want to offer telephone services with added value

  • The caller pays for the service you provide, at the telephone rate applied
  • You choose the type of number based on the amount you wish to receive per call.
  • The ideal solution for specialized help desks, value-added services and media applications (competitions, etc.)

You offer information and assistance within easy reach

  • The ideal solution if your company wants to use a single number, irrespective of where your company is located
  • With an 078 number, the caller pays the normal rate
  • Particularly suitable for your customer service
  • A web interface (through MyProximus) enables you to manage incoming call traffic and select the destination that is best able to answer the incoming calls. You define routing trees based on criteria such as the time of the call, the line status, blacklists, the number of the caller and the number dialed by the latter.
  • You can change the routes whenever and as frequently as you want, without having to go through Proximus
  • All changes become operational as soon as you enter them, which saves considerable time
  • Traffic Reporting, an online service allowing you to obtain an online report of the telephone traffic to your marketing numbers. This tool gives you an overview of:
    • The number of answered calls and the number of calls that failed to get through (due to a busy line or no reply)
    • The average call duration
    • The number of calls interrupted prematurely by the caller
    • The usage rate during a given period
    • The results can be viewed in graph or table format.
  • Routing Management This service enables you to separately define the routing of all your marketing numbers and change the parameters of certain functions (destination of your 0800 transfer or dates and times of ClockLinc).

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