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Update (26/07/2021) on our networks in the South of the country

Here is a new update on our fixed and mobile networks in the affected areas. The mobile network coverage is back to normal since last Saturday.

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Think possible

Our mission

A digital world of opportunities

Think possible means that we are convinced that new digital solutions will make our lives easier, will enable us to work together in smarter ways and will allow us to make our world sustainable. 

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Our green initiatives

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Digital inclusion

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Our networks

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Digital with respect for the planet

Find out how we are contributing to the transition to a greener society by minimising our impact on the environment and how technological applications can help us progress towards a green planet.

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Digital for all

A digital society for all

Discover how Proximus actively contributes to digital inclusion by focusing on education, creating a trusted environment, improving accessibility and developing innovative solutions together with our partners.

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Family life

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Digital education

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Every place should be perfect

Develop your online business from a boat or organise a networked gaming weekend deep in the Ardennes? This is only possible thanks to a strong network. To make each place a perfect place, Proximus is accelerating the roll out of fiber and reinvents the mobile network with 5G. Everywhere and for everyone. 

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With 5G, Proximus reinvents the mobile network

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Make your home a fiber home

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Up to 1 GIGA per second with fiber

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