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Are your Proximus products no longer fulfilling your needs? Are you having technical problems? Contact our customer service, we will find a suitable solution together.

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Did you know you can change your pack, mobile, internet and landline subscription for free? Have a look at our product pages and discover which subscriptions would be a better fit!

Via the MyProximus app, you can add TV Options, modify your mobile subscription or add extra data.

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If you’re wondering which pack would suit you better, you can do our free test!

How to cancel options or your subscription?

Do you want to cancel your subscription anyway? We are sorry to hear that, but we will arrange this for you. Tell us if you're a residential or a professional customer and follow the steps.

Residential customer

Cancel my subscription

To cancel options or your subscription to one or more Mobile, Internet, Landline or Television products, please use your MyProximus account.

  • You can manage your extra options (e.g. TV options, Norton Security, …) underneath each related product on the "My products" page.
  • To cancel one or more Mobile, Internet, Landline or Television subscriptions, please click on ‘Cancel your subscription’ at the bottom of the "My products" page.

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Professional customer

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As business customer, several options are available to cancel your subscription.

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