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4.99 /month

What’s Pickx+?

  • Awarded movies and sports events, series and reality, talk-shows, concerts and magazines
  • National and international co-productions
  • Live or later, always enjoy all of this from the front row!

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3 months free trial
Then 4.99 /month

You can cancel at any time at no extra cost

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Awarded movies and sports events, series, talk-shows, concerts and magazines. You'll get it all!

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Discover our national and international coproductions

Live or later, always enjoy all of this from the front row!

Watch and re-watch up to 30 days on your TV thanks to your Android TV Box and soon on the web via Pickx.be or in the Pickx app.

Watch on all screens at all time

Pickx+ is available on all screens: start on your tv, continue on your laptop and finish on your smartphone.

Frequently asked questions

On channel 13 or 263 for Pickx TV NL

You can watch your TV option on any screen thanks to Pickx.

  1. Activate TV option

    • the webpage by clicking on Try 3 months
    • your TV, here are the steps to follow
    • MyProximus, see video on the right

    • Your TV option is 3 months free.
    • The date of activation of your '3 months free' is irrelevant:
      If you activate a TV option on 15/4/2022 for example, it will remain free until 15/7/2022.
    • You can cancel at any time at no extra cost.
    • MyProximus, see video below
  2. Reminder a few days in advance

    We will send a reminder mail via e-mail/ text a few days before the end of the test period. You can always unsubscribe, at no extra cost.

  3. End of free trial

    Your free trial period has come to an end and is now changing automaticaly to a paying period.

  4. 1st invoice

You can always consult till when your tv-option remains free.

Via Tv:

  • Press menu. Go down to Shop > Activer une option (in French) or Activeer een optie (in Dutch).
  • Select the option of your choice.

After purchase, you can use the activated TV option within 24 hours.
At certain times of the day, it takes a little longer to activate this option, up to a maximum of 24 hours. If the activation has not happened by then, please contact us.

More info about activating/deactivating a TV option

You can cancel a TV option whenever you want during the free trial period via MyProximus, MyProximus app or via TV.

Via Tv:

  • Press menu Go down to Shop > Activer une option (in French) or Activeer een optie (in Dutch).
  • Select the option of your choice.
  • Select "Résilier ce bonus TV" (in French) or "Deze tv-bundel stopzetten" (in Dutch)

When you've started to pay for the tv-option, you can deactivate your paying option via MyProximus or via MyProximus app (not via TV).

More info on how to deactivate a TV option

  • On your TV: press the button on your remote control. Follow the instructions according to your TV MENU:
    • For V5/V5c/V6 TV Box with menu showing the tab “My Library” or “Subscriptions” : click on "My library" or “Subscriptions” and then "Pickx+".
    • For Android TV Box with menu showing the tab "Subscriptions" : click on “Subscriptions” and then "Pickx+".
  • Via Pickx.be: soon available
  • Via the Pickx application : soon available

Any additional questions ?

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The Terms and Conditions and Pricelist & tariffs apply.

The offer Pickx+ is a supplementary TV option reserved for customers of the basic TV offer. TV offer is available in a Pack with a landline starting from €43.99/month.

TV option TV Pickx+ for free trial during 3 months: personal offer valid from 15/09/2021 until 30/06/2023. 1 single time for every residential TV subscriber that subscribes to Pickx+. After the 3 months the option becomes paying and is prolonged for indefinite term. You can unsubscribe from the option at any time free of charge. Cannot be combined with other actions or promotions. Proximus reserves itself the right to extend or stop the promotion earlier.