New Proximus TV experience

New Proximus TV experience

With Proximus TV you can watch TV on all your screens!

The simplified and intuitive navigation

  • User-friendly menu with 3 entry points to access ‘Ma bibliothèque’, ‘Télévision’ or ‘Shop’
  • A visual and more intuitive navigation
  • Fast access to content

Order your Pack with Proximus TV

The 3 main entry points

Ma bibliothèque

Gives access to:

  • Your recordings
  • Your rented programmes
  • Your unlimited Passes
  • The planning of your recordings

  • Watch programmes and change channels
  • Check the TV guide
  • Watch all football channels and the (inter)national championship calendar!

  • Rent a movie, series or tv show
  • Activate an option like a package or an unlimited Pass
  • Watch Netflix on Proximus TV: original series and movies on all screens!

Enjoy a unique experience

On all your screens, no matter where you are

Thanks to the Proximus TV mobile application!

A simplified, intuitive and uniform menu accompanies you everywhere, on your TV, tablet and smartphone.
Curious to learn what you can do with the app? You can:

  • watch more than 40 channels;
  • browse the TV guide and the programs available in TV Replay;
  • rewind, pause or fast forward your program*;
  • send a program from your smartphone or tablet to your TV**;
  • use your mobile devices as a remote**;
  • record remotely and watch your recordings on any device;
  • consult the catalog of movies and series and add them to your favorites to watch them later on your TV*.

Download Proximus TV app free of charge . Once you have installed it , you can simply log in using your MyProximus login and password

* These functions aren't available yet in the Windows Phone version of the app.

** Only available when you already use the new menu on your TV screen.

Tip: watch Proximus TV on your computer too on www.proximustv.be. Cool, isn't it?

Even more...

HD channels

From now on, your HD channels are placed first in the channels list, under "Télévision".

Your personalized channels list

It’s now much easier to change the order of your channels. You can find all info under "Mes paramètres".

Movies On Demand

The on demand catalog

Simplified search function:

  • The different versions of a movie (language, SD or HD) are now grouped per movie. Once you have selected the movie, you can start the version of your choice. Discover this under "Shop".
  • Filters allow you to rank movies, based on their date of appearance, date of addition to the catalog or simply in alphabetical order…
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