Your internet at student rate!

You're a student?

Enjoy a discount on Internet in your dorm!

Internet Start

100 GB/month (to be used at home or on Wi-Fi Hotspots)

Max download speed: 50 Mbps

Max upload speed: 4 Mbps


instead of €27.50 20 /month during 1 year
Installation fee: €59

On presentation of your student card


Internet Maxi

Unlimited volume (3TB to be used at home or on Wi-Fi Hotspots)

Max download speed: 100 Mbps

Max upload speed: 20 Mbps


instead of €50.99 € 35 /month during 1 year
Free installation (value €59)

On presentation of your student card

Need more?

Do you know the Epic mobile subscription?

It’s up to 40 GB for your music, video and social apps

As from instead of €19.99 16.99 /month

Do you need TV in your dorm?

And maybe more mobile data?

As from instead of €64.99 49/month

Frequently asked questions

If you experience poor coverage or slow Wi-Fi, you can improve the quality of your network! Some easy tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi at home.

Don't have an Internet connection anymore? Read on and follow our tips. They will enable you to resolve most problems.

If you want to switch to Proximus and change your internet provider, the easiest way is to use Easy Switch. We will take care of your transfer for you.

Existing Internet customers who benefit from the student promotion (€20 x 12 months (Start) or €35 x 12 months (Maxi)), will be contacted by email as from the end of June to extend their promotion. This promotion can be renewed 3 times. The renewal must be done before 30/09 of the current year, otherwise the promotion will be lost.

Promo: From 31/01/2021 through 31/01/2022 on presentation/submission of a student card with a valid card number for the academic year 2021-2022. The offer is valid provided that the conditions are met, and the Internet is taken in the student's name. The total value of the promotion is €90 (€7.50/month for 1 year) for Internet Start and €191.88 (€15.99/month for 1 year) for Internet Maxi, 12-month offer, renewable annually for 3 years under the same conditions (the student is contacted annually). Free installation (€59) only with Internet Maxi. Not compatible with other promotions. Proximus reserves the right to extend or stop this offer earlier.

The Terms and Conditions and Pricelist & tariffs apply.

Fixed Internet volume: For personal use only, in accordance with Proximus' general terms and conditions. If customers use up their 150 GB of data included in the offer, their Internet speed is limited until the first day of the following month, unless they activate an Extra Volume paid option via MyProximus. More information on www.proximus.be/internetpolicy.

Unlimited fixed Internet: As from 3 TB, your Internet speed will be reduced until the first day of the following month, unless you activate an Extra Volume (300 GB) option free of charge via MyProximus. More information on www.proximus.be/internetpolicy.

Fixed Internet speed: The advertised maximum speed is a theoretical speed. Not all customers can obtain this speed in practice. The download speed in your home mainly depends on the distance between the connection point and the exchange, the availability of VDSL, your computer installation, and the internal cabling. These factors must be optimal to surf the Internet at the maximum speed. Using Wi-Fi can also reduce your Internet speed. To discover the surfing speed in your home visit www.proximus.be/internetspeed.

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