BBC First

For British drama and comedy series of a level rarely seen, tune in to BBC First.

This channel brings you the best series from across the Channel, round the clock. Just as good as American fiction, but even more identifiable. All with Dutch subtitles, of course. So dig down deep in your easy chair for an evening of amazing fiction...

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Midsomer Murders

Catching criminals

After the destructive worldwide zombie apocalypse, the hardships for Nick, Daryl and co are far from over. All the more so as they have to deal with the shenanigans of the evil Negan. Viewers can look forward to another tough battle. Physically and mentally. 

Midsomer Murders continues to delight fans. Season 17 is again packed with seemingly unsolvable murders. All set in the picturesque villages in the county of Midsomer. In the first episode, inspector and new father John Barnaby has to unravel a tangle of jealousy and intrigues. But that's not all. Also in the next episodes, we can see him in his never-ending pursuit of cunning murderers and their obscure motives.

You can now watch Midsomer Murders on BBC First in the Entertainment Channels NL TV bundle


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Holmes is back

Get ready for a modern version of Sherlock Holmes. His amazing analytical skills will blow you away. Only Sherlock could recognize a pilot just by looking at his thumb. In this suspenseful fourth season, the British detective has to face his demons. This will no doubt result in some hefty action scenes. But his companion Watson and his wife Mary have to face their biggest challenge yet: becoming parents.

From 1 January, for three Sundays, at 10 p.m.

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Line of Duty

Fighting against police corruption. That's AC-12.

Line of Duty is pure drama at its best. In the UK, it was voted one of the best series of the past 20 years. And it probably is. Now in its third season, this police drama continues to live up to its reputation. Brigadier Danny Waldron and his armed team shoot a dangerous criminal, in any case that’s the official version. But the police report soon proves to be flawed. Are they attempting to cover up a cold-blooded murder? 

You can now watch Line of Duty on BBC First in the Entertainment Channels NL TV bundle

War & Peace

Russia, 1805. Find your way.

Reworked by the critically acclaimed scriptwriter Andrew Davies, directed by Tom Harper and brought to life by a cast of first-class actors. BBC First has spared no effort to breathe new life into this world-renowned novel by Tolstoy. Mission accomplished, because this drama built around three young people in their search for the meaning of life, provides a unique insight into a changing Russian society at the beginning of the 19th century.

You can now watch War & Peace on BBC First in the Entertainment Channels NL TV bundle


Leaving it all behind. Hello Corfu!

Do you love series that instantly captivate you with their charming storylines? Then you will surely succumb to The Durrells. Louise Durrell, a single mother, has had it with her complex life and decides to follow the advice of her oldest son, Larry. Together with her four rebellious children, she emigrates to the Greek island of Corfu, where they make both friends and enemies, whilst navigating the unpredictable paths of love.

You can now watch The Durells on BBC First in the Entertainment Channels NL TV bundle

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