The MyProximus app, always in your pocket

Published on 13/05/2019 in Apps

The MyProximus app, always in your pocket

With this app, you won't miss a thing. You have an overview of your usage at all times, you always know which invoices are available and you can manage your subscriptions and options. Install it quickly!

All these features in one app!

Quick usage check: your usage in a glance, wherever you are. Get notifications when you exceed your bundle.

Manage your products: a clear overview of your products. Need more data? Order an extra bundle with one click.

Easy and secure payment: well-organized history of previous bills, and a possible open balance. Tap "pay" and complete the payment in the opened bank application.

Contact us: find a quick solution for your problem via our app. We’re at your service, via chat, e-mail or phone.

Put it in your smartphone

Download de MyProximus-app via Google Play Store of Apple App.

Click the MyProximus icon on your device to open the application.

You don't need a login or password: our network will identify your device and phone number! (Exception: not for Wi-Fi only tablets)

The MyProximus widget: easy and quick!

To adapt the MyProximus to your needs, we’re constantly looking for improvements. You like to have crucial info available in a glance? Use our widget, it’s really useful:

  • Your data usage is visible right away
  • Adapt it to the wished size
  • Your invoiced amount is immediately available

Install the app now

New feature in MyProximus app

Pay using Bancontact

Pay in a few clicks, safely and without a card reader... in the MyProximus app! Download the Bancontact app and pay your invoices, as well as your shopping, with your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Connect even faster with itsme

What can you do with itsme? Log in securely, share data or sign with your mobile phone, using your personal itsme code. Good news, you can also use itsme to log in to MyProximus!


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