Frequently asked questions about Proximus+

    How to test Proximus+?

    You are testing one of the first versions of Proximus+. Thanks to your critical feedback and welcome suggestions, we can improve the app step by step.

    What do we expect from you?

    • Simply: to use the app regularly and provide feedback. Assess both its technology and its user-friendliness.
    • To give feedback, just shake your device. Describe what is going wrong or make a suggestion for improvement. A screenshot is automatically sent with your message. We try to answer you personally, but we don't always succeed: sometimes you'll see your suggestion appear a bit later in the app.
    • Sometimes you get a specific question, such as an invitation to a survey or an interview: you decide whether you follow suit.

    The testing period will last several months, after which the app will be accessible to everyone. The data you entered into the app during the trial period will be kept even after the trial period. This applies both to Proximus+ itself and to the data you manage through our partners (e.g. EnergieID, 4411, Hoplr, etc).

    You are in control during this test: you can quit at any time, resume, manage your data or delete your account.

    For the time being, a limited group of people can become a tester. Are some friends of yours becoming curious? More information on You only need a smartphone, no knowledge or skils are required.

    MyProximus in Proximus+

    Bring your MyProximus account into Proximus+: you can monitor your data usage in Proximus+, pay your bill, share and manage your Wi-Fi, follow up on requests and orders, etc. Link your existing MyProximus account or create a new account: all the best features of MyProximus will then be in Proximus+.

    1. Open Proximus+ and log in.
    2. Tap on MyProximus and then on Log in.
    3. What is your situation:
      • Do you already have a MyProximus account? Go to step 4.
      • Do you have more than 1 MyProximus account? For now, you can only link 1 MyProximus account to Proximus+. Make your choice and go to step 4.
      • Don't have a MyProximus account yet? Tap on Register and check how how to registerNew window. Once you have an account, go to step 4.
      • Have you added an incorrect MyProximus account? Tap on Settings  and then on Data Sharing and disconnect your account. Then choose the correct account in step 4.
    4. Enter your username (email address) and password and check how to log inNew window. It is currently not possible to useLogin with itsme.
    5. You can now see your products (e.g. mobile phone, internet, TV, etc.) in the Proximus+ app. You can also continue to use MyProximus (via the app or the website). Wherever you are, your data will remain up-to-date, even after the test period.

    Did something go wrong with the registration or with the login? You can go to the Proximus help centernew window although not all information is 100% correct during the Proximus+ test period. Alternatively, shake your device to report an anomaly with Proximus+.

    Proximus+ is a new version of MyProximus, which we are testing out with you. Step by step, we will integrate all MyProximus features into Proximus+.
    Do you have a question about MyProximus in Proximus+? Surf to the Proximus helpcenterNew window. Please note, however, that during the test period not all information is 100% correct. Did you notice an error? Shake your device in Proximus+ to have it corrected..

    Account Proximus+

    As we are still working on optimising the user experience and adding new features before going live to the big public, you can currently only downloadNew window in a closed beta version.

    If you have an itsme account and the itsme app, you can use it to register for Proximus+.

    1. Open the app, accept the terms and conditions and tap Agree and continue with itsme.
    2. Confirm in the itsme app.
    3. Set a PIN code for Proximus+. You can also set up your fingerprint or facial recognition to log in to Proximus+ next time. 

    Are you having trouble using itsme? Find a solution in the helpcenterNew window of

    Do you have a Proximus+ account?

    1. Open the app and enter your PIN or use your fingerprint or facial recognition.
    2. You are now logged in to Proximus+. You can manage your home, explore your neighborhood, order a parking session.

    Is it not working? Make sure that you have created an account correctly. You can also tap the circle at the top left, then tap Personal data and check your settings.

    When you created your account for Proximus+, you set a personal PIN code. Forgotten your PIN code?

    1. Open Proximus+ and tap I forgot my PIN code.
    2. Confirm your account via the itsme app and set a new PIN for Proximus+.

    You can also set up your fingerprint or facial recognition (anew) to log in to Proximus+.

    Your name, address, telephone number and e-mail in Proximus+ are displayed as they are recorded in itsme.

    • Want to check them? In Proximus+, tap the at the top left and then Personal data.
    • Want to change them?
      1. This can only be done in itsme. Go to the helpcenterNew window.
      2. After they have been modified in itsme, in Proximus+, tap the at the top left and then Personal data and Update data with itsme.
      Please note that, if you wish to do so, you should also update this information in your MyHome (EnergieID) and MyNeighbourhood (Hoplr) profiles..

    Your data (such as your name, address, phone number, etc.) are safe with Proximus+. We are transparent about why we need what data. You control what data you share.

    • For your Proximus+ account: we rely on your data from itsme (name, phone number, address, etc.).
      You can update these data if necessary.
    • As for MyHome, MyMobility, MyNeighbourhood, MyWeather, etc.: in order for these components to work properly, we ask for example data about your home, your location or your car's license plate.You can view or update these data.
      • In each section, click the settings icon . Under Data sharing you will find what data are needed for that component to work properly.
      • There you can read the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy.

    If you get an error message in the app, we are happy to provide a solution. When do you get an error message?

    • When opening Proximus+:
      • Doesn't the app recognize your fingerprint or face? Enter the PIN code.
      • Are you sure you are connected to Internet? Check if your device is connected to Wi-Fi or 4G.
      • "Contact your administrator"? This is an exceptional bug we hope to fix soon. In the meantime, remove the app from your device, download Proximus+ again and log in again.
    • When using MyHome: tap the question mark at the top right or find a solution in the helpcenterNew window van
    • When using MyNeighbourhood: tap the question mark at the top right or find a solution in the helpcenterNew window.
    • When using MyMobility: tap the question mark at the top right or find a solution in the 4411 helpcenterNew window.

    Getting a different message or is something not working? Shake your device and send us a description of the problem. This way, together we improve Proximus+ every day.

    Home in Proximus+

    In Proximus+, create an account for EnergyID or link your existing EnergyID account. This allows you to monitor your electricity, gas and water consumption and, if you have e.g. solar panels, your electricity production.

    1. Open Proximus+ and log in.
    2. Tap Home and Link EnergyID. There are two possibilities:
      • You have an EnergyID account? Enter your e-mail and password. The Log in with your MyProximus app button doesn't work (currently).
      • You don't have an EnergyID account? Scroll down and tap Sign up for EnergyID. Fill in further details about your home.
    3. You'll be able to check your consumption and reporting.

    Are you having trouble using EnergyID? Find a solution in the helpcenterNew window of

    Thanks to Gaele in Proximus+, you automatically receive proposals for a more advantageous energy contract. Just confirm (automatically) and your switch will be arranged for you. In Proximus+, create an account for Gaele or link your existing Gaele account.

    1. Open Proximus+ and log in.
    2. Tap Home, if prompted, answer a few questions about your home. Tap Energy and Set up tariff monitoring.
      If you already see Energy tariff monitoring, go to step 5.
    3. Tap Connect Gaele account. There are two possibilities:
      • Do you have a Gaele account? Enter your Gaele account email and password. Via Forgot your password?, you can choose a new password if needed.
      • Don't have a Gaele account? Tap Agree and Continue and follow the steps. Take a picture of or upload your most recent final settlement for gas and electricity. If you have 2 suppliers, those are 2 different documents. You can also enter the vendor(s) for your 2nd residence.
        Then set your preference: either Gaele may automatically connect you to the cheapest energy supplier(s), or Gaele will first present you with a proposal via Proximus+ and/or by email for approval.
    4. Once Gaele has processed your data (after about 2 days), you will see the details of your current gas and electricity contract(s). Check regularly these details or pass on a new annual settlement, if necessary.
    5. Do you see Better tariff available in red? A more advantageous rate has been found, either with your existing or another supplier. There are two possibilities:
      • You get 5 days to study (tap Download proposal), review and accept the proposal. Gaele makes it clear how to confirm or reject this proposal.
      • If you have set up an automatic switch to a better tariff, it will take effect automatically 14 days after your first notification. You don't have to do anything else: your new contract will be sent to you by email. Contact your former supplier to find out your exact remaining charges and pay on time.

    Do you still want to cancel the proposal? Does anything go wrong? Find a solution in Gaele's Helpcenter (in Frenchnew window or Dutchnew window) or contact Gaele (in Frenchnew window or Dutchnew window).

    Mobility in Proximus+

    With MyMobility in Proximus+, move even smarter by train, bus, streetcar or car. The fastest route, the right departure time and your transport or parking ticket: you can find it all in the app!
    Set your personal settings for MyMobility:

    1. Open Proximus+ and log in. In MyMobility, tap Set up MyMobility or tap See more.
      If prompted, give permission to turn on location data and notifications.
    2. Tap Habit planner.
    3. Under Favourites, add the destinations you often use, e.g. "home," "work," "parents," "sports club," etc.
    4. Select your destination and specify how and when you prefer to go.
      You can also add trips under Planned Trips, again with your own preferences.
    5. Also set up how you want to pay for your tickets.

    Once all your personal settings are defined, you can use MyMobility every day: find the best route or transport mode, buy your public transport or parking tickets.
    You can change your personal settings at any time (go back to step 2).

    Have you set up Proximus+ to purchase train, bus, tram and parking tickets via 4411? To ensure smooth payments, check that you have chosen the right payment method.

    1. Open Proximus+ and log in.
    2. Tap See more in  MyMobility and then the gear icon .
    3. Tap Change payment method.
    4. A page with your 4411 account shows you which payment method you have set up. Choose the option that suits you best:
      • Payment by credit card: Your bank collects amounts for 4411 through your credit card statement. Choose this option if in Q-Park you want to pay without a ticket and via license plate recognition..
      • Payment by domiciliation: You authorize 4411 to automatically debit amounts for 4411 from your bank account (direct debit). Choose this option if in Q-Park you want to pay without a ticket and via license plate recognition..
      • Payment by telco: You authorize Proximus to add the amounts for 4411 to your monthly Proximus bill. Payment via license plate recognition is not possible in this case. Please note:
        • If your total purchase amount via Proximus exceeds a monthly limit, further purchases via 4411 may be declined. . Adjust this limitNew window so you can park and/or purchase train, tram and bus tickets hassle-free.
        • Check that Block payments for mobility services is off. To do so, open MyProximus, tap Products and the relevant mobile number. Under Settings, Block payments for mobility services should be set to no.

    Is something going wrong? Find a solution in the 4411 helpcenterNew window, the De Lijn helpcenterNew window or the  SNCB helpcenterNew window.

    Neighbourhood in Proximus+

    In Proximus+, create an account for Hoplr or link your existing Hoplr account. Use it to meet new people in your neighbourhood, help each other and get together at events.

    1. Open Proximus+ and log in.
    2. Tap MyNeighbourhood. If prompted, turn on your device's location data.
    3. Check out what's going on in your neighbourhood under Events.
    4. Find local shops and restaurants under Places.
    5. Tap Community and Create or connect Hoplr account. There are two possibilities:
      • You have an Hoplr account? Enter your e-mail and password.
      • You don't have an Hoplr account? Tap Subscribe at the top and fill in your details.
        No Hoplr in your neighbourhood yet? Create a Hoplr neighbourhoodNew window and bring your neighbours together.
    6. Give permission and get to know the people in your neighbourhood.

    When you are on the go, select your current location in steps 3 and 4.

    Are you having trouble using Hoplr? Find a solution in the helpcenterNew window of

    With Proximus+, quickly book your lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant or at a new address you've discovered nearby. Manage your booking entirely in Proximus+.

    1. Open Proximus+ and log in.
    2. Under MyNeighbourhood, tap Places and then Restaurants: search nearby , filter  or search by name . Save the restaurant of your choice in your favorites .
    3. If Book a table, is displayed for the restaurant, you can book a table immediately.
      You will not receive a confirmation e-mail, but you will find all the details in the Proximus+ app.

    Something went wrong with your booking? Submit your question to Resengonew window, which handles the bookings, or contact the restaurant.

    Signing up

    Logging in

    Linking accounts

    Managing settings

    Sharing data

    Measuring CO2

    Managing energy