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Mobile Essential

5 GB

150 min & unlimited SMS


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16.99 /month
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Mobile Easy

10 GB

Unlimited calls & SMS

5G up to 200 Mbps

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16.99 /month

for 6 months, then 19.99 /month

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Mobile Smart

35 GB

Unlimited calls & SMS

5G up to 200 Mbps

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19.99 /month

for 6 months, then 24.99 /month

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Mobile Maxi

70 GB

Unlimited calls & SMS

5G up to 500 Mbps

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21.99 /month

for 6 months, then 29.99 /month

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Mobile Unlimited

Unlimited data

Endless connectivity

Unlimited calls & SMS

5G speed up to 1 Gbps

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34.99 /month

for 6 months, then 49.99 /month

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• Discount on multi-mobile subscription

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• Unlimited internet at home

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As from €9 by combining it with a mobile subscription.

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  3. Proximus cancels your subscription with your current provider.
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The fastest mobile network in Belgium

Proximus' network comes out on top in the independent study

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Never go over budget again

Activate the free FullControl option in MyProximus and automatically block all consumption not included in your subscription.

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5G: the mobile network of the future

Connect to the fastest mobile internet with 5G on Belgium's leading network.

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Free replacement smartphone

Free replacement smartphone

Free loan of a smartphone in the event of loss, breakage or theft.

Our smartphone services
Use your smartphone abroad

Use your smartphone abroad

Thanks to the Daily Roaming Pass, your subscription covers your needs abroad.

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The 3 advantages of 5G

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Ultra-stable connection

Even in crowds, when everyone is connected at the same time, your connection never cuts out or slows down.

high speed

Ultra-high speed

Download 10 times faster! At last, streaming in ultra HD and smooth video calls, without frozen screen!

low latency

Ultra-low latency

Perfect conditions for cloud gaming and virtual reality: an almost instantaneous, lag-free connection.

Non binding subscription

Change or cancel for free, whenever you want.

We take care of your transfer

From cancellation at your previous operator to full installation, we manage it all for you.