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Internet Maxi Fiber at Instead of€62.99 39.99 /month during 1 year

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Internet Start Fiber

120 Mbps

Best for homeworkers with limited internet use

120 Mbps max download speed

20 Mbps max upload speed

Surf volume: 150 GB

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42.95 /month

+ Installation fee: €59

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Internet Maxi Fiber

500 Mbps

Best for homeworkers and simultaneous users

500 Mbps max download speed

100 Mbps max upload speed

Unlimited surf volume

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39.99 /month

for 12 months, then 62.99 /month

+ Installation fee: €59

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Internet Giga Fiber

2 Gbps

Best for simultaneous users and families

2 Gbps max download speed

200 Mbps max upload speed

Unlimited surf volume

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54.99 /month

for 12 months, then 77.99 /month

+ Installation Fee: €59

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Even more advantages in a Flex pack

Your tailor-made Internet, mobile phone and/or TV pack.

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Internet faster and more stable than ever

Enjoy ultra-fast speeds, an ultra-stable connection, with no lag!

Safer surfing for the whole family

One month Norton Security for free, to keep you safe online.

Students offers

Are you a student? Get ultra-fast Internet at student rates

Making the switch to fiber couldn't be simpler

  1. Check if fiber is available at your address. It is? Great news!
  2. Pick the internet subscription that is right for you
  3. Make an appointment for the installation
  4. Welcome the technician who will come to your home and install fiber
  5. Enjoy your ultra-fast and stable connection

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We take care of your transfer

From cancellation at your previous operator to full installation, we manage it all for you.

Non binding subscription

Change or cancel for free, whenever you want.

A quality network

Our aim is to ensure seamless connectivity, available to everyone!


Internet social offer

Exclusive offer for eligible individuals and families with an integration income, seniors or people with disabilities.