Test your Internet speed with the Speedtest

Published on 31/05/2021 in Tips & tricks from…

This way you can easily check whether your connection is performing as well as possible.

Test your Internet speed with the Speedtest

Because, did you know that your Internet speed depends on many more things than just the cable that enters your home?

For example, an outdated modem can cause quite a few slow-downs. Even the browser you use makes a difference. But in many cases we find that it's mainly the Wi-Fi network in the customer's home that is the cause of all the trouble. Interference from other networks in the neighbourhood, an outdated cable to the modem or an outdated modem are often to blame here. So it's definitely worth doing a comparison between the Internet speed over Wi-Fi and over a network cable, directly on the modem.

Want to do such a test? An app which we absolutely recommend is Speedtest by Proximus. With this you get very accurate results in just one click and can compare the speed with other Internet connections in your neighbourhood.

Make sure you get reliable results

To find out where exactly your Internet connection is slowed down, it's crucial to have accurate results. Therefore, bear in mind the following tips:

  • Don't download anything while performing the measurement.
  • Close as many programs as possible, so your processor can focus on the test.
  • Also, make sure that no-one else is on your network and no-one is watching digital television.
  • In addition, quickly check to make sure your device isn't infected with viruses or spyware.

Are you checking your Wi-Fi connection? In that case, don't install yourself too far from your router. The distance determines the speed to a large extent, especially at home.

The best approach is actually to perform several tests, spread out over a day. And also do this on different devices. Because an old desktop can give a distorted picture, as it can no longer keep up with the latest technology. The same goes for a device that is chock-full or infected by viruses.

How do you test it?

Step 1: go to the website of Speedtest.

Step 2: click "Begin test". Speedtest will automatically search for the best server to measure the speed.

Step 3: Speedtest closely examines your Internet connection for 30 seconds, both for downloading and uploading. You can follow this on the speedometer.

Step 4: done! You'll now see the average speed and, in many cases, you can also compare it with others.

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