Test and optimize your internet speed

Measure your internet speed

with our Ookla speedtest

Follow the steps to test your speed on a wired connection or Wi-Fi network. Once you've done the speed test, be sure to consult our tips for faster surfing and gaming!

To have a reliable result:

  • Run the test when no other user is surfing.
  • Don't download during the test.
  • Close the other applications, windows and tabs of your navigator.
  • Check, using your anti-virus, that your computer is not the target of a virus or malware.
Test on wired?

Your computer must be connected to the modem via a network cable, and Wi-Fi must be disabled during the test.

Wi-Fi test?
  • Make sure you're connected to the right Wi-Fi network. You should connect to your own network.
  • Test your Wi-Fi in several places: start by testing the connection next to your modem to have a reference point.

Get the maximum out of your Wi-Fi

The quality of your Wi-Fi signal depends on a lot of factors including the distance to your modem, the number and type of devices connected, interference from other signals, the layout of your home etc. A lot of variables have to be taken into account.

How to optimize your internet speed?

Fiber to the home

Optical fiber makes it in some regions possible to enjoy an ultra large bandwidth: downloads at up to 350 Mbps and uploads at up to 30 Mbps. The whole family online at the same time, without delay or interruption, it’s not a dream! Discover optical fiber.

A faster internet connection

  • VDSL2
    We invest daily in improving our network and technologies to provide you the best possible Internet and TV experience at home and in the office.
    We are implementing, or have just implemented, the new VDSL2 Internet technology in your neighbourhood which will boost the performance of your Internet connection.
    And it’s free of charge!
    See all the advantages of VDSL2
  • Change your Internet subscription
    Your needs evolve over time. Why wouldn't your Internet subscription? With Proximus, you can change your rate plan whenever you want.
    Change my Internet subscription

Wi-Fi, cable or PLC?

Your modem

  • Restart your b-box modem to update its software. Pressing the power button on your b-box is sufficient to turn it off, next press the button again to turn on the modem. Then wait for the lights to burn continuously.
  • Do a line test to make sure your phone line is working properly.

Your device: PC, mobile, tablet…

  • Downloading slows down your connection. The same applies to peer-to-peer programs.
  • Close unused applications. These slow down your computer and connection.
  • Disable the energy-saving options of your computer.
  • Make sure your computer is free from viruses, spyware or adware. We recommend Norton to protect your computer.
  • Make sure to have at least 10% available space on your hard drive.
  • Do not forget to regularly restart your computer.
  • Open as few windows and tabs as possible.
  • The more people at home are surfing, gaming or watching TV at the same time, the less fast the connection will be.

The test module is provided by the company Ookla and hosted on Proximus servers.