Flex Emergency Internet - Emergency solution in case of internet failure

Is the Internet down and do you need it urgently? Flex Emergency Internet helps you by offering free mobile data on your smartphone. Turn your smartphone into a hotspot and connect all your devices to the internet with this hotspot.


  • You must have a mobile phone in a Flex pack to use Flex Emergency Internet;
  • Flex Emergency Internet will work 24 hours from the moment you receive the confirmation SMS;
  • You can activate Flex Emergency Internet 4 times a year for each mobile phone in your pack;
  • You must have the MyProximus/Proximus+ app.

How do I activate Flex Emergency Internet?

  1. Open the MyProximus app.
  2. Go to Products, then to Internet and Options; Press A problem with your internet connection
  3. Choose a mobile number and press Activate. You will receive a confirmation SMS. You can now surf for free for 24 hours thanks to the 4G/5G connection of your smartphone.
  1. If you want devices other than your smartphone to connect to the wi-fi, set it up as a mobile access pointOpens a new window ;
  2. Connect the wi-fi devices to your smartphone's wi-fi.  To do this, choose the network name of your mobile access point and enter the password.

Flex Emergency Internet works for 24 hours. This gives you time to find the cause of your internet problem and fix it:

  1. Check out our help pagesOpens a new window to help you solve your fixed internet outage.
  2. Still not working? Contact usOpens a new window to analyse the problem.

How to check the remaining time and sessions?

  1. Open the MyProximus app.
  2. Go to Help, then to Activate Flex Emergency and Continue;
  3. The remaining time and the sessions are displayed for each mobile phone number.