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10 Gbps fiber technology

By far the fastest Internet in Belgium

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Budget tips

Some ideas to keep your budget under control

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Need a smartphone?

Discover all advantages of the Flex pack

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Think possible


Welcome to big ideas

The reason we are rolling out fiber and 5G is to make brilliant ideas come true.  

Ideas like self-driving cars that will make getting around safer, agricultural drones that already help produce healthier food or many other connected things that will make our lives easier. The stakes are high, the networks are ready. Really, brilliant ideas are more than welcome!   

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Proximus revolutionizes the fixed network with fiber 

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With 5G, Proximus reinvents the mobile network

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Our mission

A digital world of opportunities

Because digital solutions are constantly expanding, let’s think together about the digital future and open up the field of possibilities.

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Our green initiatives

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Our networks

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Digital inclusion

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doktr app

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Digital with respect for the planet

Find out how we are contributing to the transition to a greener society by minimising our impact on the environment and how technological applications can help us progress towards a green planet.

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Digital for all

A digital society for all

Discover how Proximus actively contributes to digital inclusion by focusing on education, creating a trusted environment, improving accessibility and developing innovative solutions together with our partners.

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Doktr app

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Digital education

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