Proximus+: the upgraded MyProximus app

Free for everyone

The app to run your daily life: manage your Proximus products, energy consumption, trips and much more.

+ 1.1M of people are already using the app.

The Proximus+ app is free in your mobile store

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The MyProximus app becomes Proximus+

The MyProximus app is renewed to offer you an optimal experience! With the Proximus+ app, access all MyProximus services (bill payment, consumption management, 24/7 support, ...) and discover new features designed to simplify your daily life. 

The Proximus+ app is free for everyone, whether you're a customer or not!

Proximus+ app: the 'plus' that makes the difference with MyProximus

Discover the plus side of life

Proximus+ app, the all-in-one app! Manage Proximus products and services, and enjoy all the services you need to simplify your daily life.

Move around easily


Get to your destination quickly by car, train or bus. Don't worry about parking or transport tickets: pay for them in the app.

All about Mobility

Optimize your energy consumption


Track your energy consumption, always get the best energy rate and reduce your environmental footprint.

Home in more detail

Discover nearby activities and restaurants


Easily find local events, connect with your neighbours or book a restaurant table via the app. 

Discover all Neighbourhood

Available in beta

Maximise your spendings


Save as you spend with cashbacks.

Keep your finances in check with Budget Manager.

Manage your Proximus products and services


Track your usage in real time, pay your bills and easily add data to your subscription or other options.

Need help? Proximus Assistant is available 24/7.

How to get started with the Proximus+ app?

  1. Download the app on Apple Store or via Google Play Store or scan the QR code.

The Proximus+ app simplifies your life by bringing together trustworthy partners tailored to your habits and needs.

Questions about the Proximus+ app

Proximus+ gives you access to a wide range of telecom services next to practical services to help you run your daily life.  

MyProximus in Proximus+ lets you keep a close eye on your telco products and services at any moment. You can pay your bill, easily add options, check your usage or contact our support 24/7. 

Home helps you keep track of your energy consumption. You also always benefit from the best energy tariff: enter your consumption details and we'll let you know if a more attractive supplier is available for you. 

Mobility allows you can plan your route and buy your public transport ticket. Rather on the move by car? Then manage and pay your parking session easily via the app. 

Finally, Neighbourhood is an ideal way to stay connected to your local community without ever missing any event in your neighborhood. You can also find and book restaurants. 

Coming soon! Wallet: you receive automatic cashback when you shop online and in-store at our partner brands. Keep a clear overview of your spending by category with Budget Manager, and enjoy personalized notifications to help you manage your budget. 

The Proximus+ app is available on App Store and Google Play Store. Follow these easy steps to download the app. 

There are two possibilities:

  • With itsme (recommended): If you have an itsme account and the itsme app, you can log in with them. Tip: Use this method even if you don't have a MyProximus account yet.
  • With MyProximus: If you know your username (e-mail) and password, you can use them to log in to Proximus+. You cannot then use all the features of Proximus+, but you will see all the screens you also saw in MyProximus.

More details

The Proximus+ app is available free of charge for everyone, not only Proximus customers! 

All questions about the Proximus+ app