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Already customer

I already have a Pay&Go card (Easy, Smart, Max). How can I switch to Pay&Go+?

You can switch to Pay&Go+ for free via MyProximus or by calling 1911 (choose option 2).

I already have a subscription. How can I switch to Pay&Go+ ?

Our customer service is at your disposal should you wish to switch from your subscription to a Pay&Go+ card.

I already have a Pay&Go+ card and I want a blocked subscription. What should I do?

Choose the blocked subscription you want. Your remaining call credit will be automatically deducted from your first invoice. As a new subscriber, you will also be entitled to the promo and web advantage.

Do I have to pay to keep my number?

We transfer your number free of charge. When placing your order, you just need to indicate whether you want to keep your number; we’ll take care of the rest.

New customer

Why do I have to identify my prepaid card?

To activate your Pay&Go+ card, identification is legally required. If your top-up card is not identified, you will not be able to call, text or surf.

How can I identify my prepaid card?

It's easy to identify yourself: online or in a Proximus Shop.

How can I top up my Pay&Go card?

You can top up your Pay&Go card in different ways: online, on MyProximus (consult the app or log in via the website) or at a point-of-sale.

For how long is my Pay&Go card valid?

Your Pay&Go card is valid for 12 months as from when you make or receive your first call. This means that you have one year to use up your calling credit or top up your card. Each time you top up your card with € 5, the validity period is extended by 1 month. Each time you top up your card with a higher amount, the validity period is extended by 12 months.

Can I keep my number from my previous operator when switching to Pay&Go+ ?

No problem: your previous mobile number can be transferred to your new Pay&Go+ prepaid card. For this, you need to visit a Proximus shop. New calling numbers can also be obtained when ordering a new prepaid card online.

Sim card

How can I change my sim card?

Pick up your new card or exchange your old one at a point of sale. Your SIM card is free of charge.

What SIM card do I need?

Depending on your mobile, you can opt for a normal SIM card, a micro-SIM card or a nano-SIM card.

Push out the correct size (Standard, Micro or Nano), so it fits into your device. Pushed out the wrong size? You can obtain a new card at a point of sale.

Tariffs and usage

How many calling minutes, text messages and MB do I have left?

Type #120# on your mobile and press the call key. Or view your remaining minutes, texts and MB on MyProximus: consult the app or log in via the website.

Is my Pay&Go+ card also valid abroad?

Your Pay&Go+ card is valid in Belgium and while travelling in the European Union + Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

What are the Pay&Go prepaid card rates in Belgium?

You can consult your current Pay&Go tariff plan and rates by entering your mobile number on the reload page and scrolling down afterwards. Don’t worry, it is not necessary to top up to consult your rates.

What are the rates of Pay&Go from and to abroad?

Consult the roaming and international rates of Pay&Go that apply when you’re abroad or when you call an international destination.

How long is the free bonus valid?

Free bonuses by recharging online are valid for 31 days. You can check the validity via MyProximus or by typing in the code #120# on your mobile and pressing the call key.

Are the unlimited text messages really unlimited?

You have a maximum of 500 text messages per day. Once you have reached this amount, you won't be able to send any more messages until midnight. The next day, you will be able to text again. No idea when you will reach this number? Don't worry, you will receive a notification when you have sent 400 messages and you will receive another notification when you have reached the limit of 500 messages. One text message exists of 160 characters.


Can I surf abroad with a Pay&Go+ prepaid card?

The same rates apply, whether you surf in Belgium or while travelling in the European Union + Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Is my mobile ready for surfing on the Internet?

If it isn't, it's very easy to configure your mobile using our online tool.

Do you want more data to surf on your mobile phone?

Select a data option! The chosen amount (€6 or €12) will automatically be deducted from your calling credit. Activate the additional boost of data online on MyProximus or via sms.

  • Add 500 MB (valid 31 days) for €6. Press #152*1# + Send on your phone to activate it.
  • Add 3 GB (valid 31 days) for €12. Press #151*1# + Send on your phone to activate it.

Want to know how much you’ve used already? Press #152# + Send on your phone.

How long is my additional boost of data valid?

The additional boosts of data (500MB or 3GB) are valid for 31 days after activation. You can check the validity via MyProximus or by typing in the code #152# on your mobile and pressing the call key.

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