Identify your prepaid card

To be able to use it

Use your Belgian eID card

It’s a legal requirement for all prepaid customers to identify themselves. If you are a new Pay&Go customer, you must register to activate your card before using it.

What do you need to identify yourself?

  • your Belgian eID card (Belgian ID card) and your pin code
  • an eID card reader

Or use these other methods


Identify your Pay&Go card or that for a member of your family via MyProximus.This card will then be registered in your name

  • This method is only available to existing private customers who are administrators in in MyProximus.

Via sms

Send a text message from your Proximus private mobile number to 8804, mentioning:

  1. The word IDENT (in capital letters)
  2. Followed twice by the number of the prepaid card you want to register, separated by a space.

For example: 'IDENT 0470123456 0470123456'.

Or simply opt for FullControl!

Instead of identifying your Pay&Go card, you can simply switch to Mobilus FullControl. This gives you all the advantages of a subscription for a low limited fixed amount, without exceeding your budget. And it also means you're registered and in order with the authorities right away!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, since December 2016 all holders of Pay&Go cards have been required to register.  This also applies to cards in alarm systems, home automation appliances or other devices that contain a Pay&Go card. You can identify yourself immediately in a Proximus Shop or identify your Pay&Go card online.

No. If you don't register you'll not be able to make or receive calls Texting and mobile Internet will not be possible either.

The registration is definitive unless you have registered when topping up via Bancontact (not possible anymore. In that case, the registration of your Pay&Go card is only valid for 18 months, after which you will have to register again using one of the other methods.

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