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Mobile subscriptions

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Become customer

Want to join us? Switching operator is a breeze!

You've made up your mind: you're switching operator! Great! Becoming a mobile customer is hassle-free: we take care of everything!

  • Online
    Follow these steps:
    • Add your subscription to the basket.
    • Choose "New customer" and enter your details.
    • Indicate your current operator and whether you wish to keep your current number.
  • By phone: call us on 0800 55 800.
  • In a shop: visit a Proximus Shop near you.
I have a subscription with another operator : can I keep my phone number?

No worries, we take care of transferring your number!

  1. Once youve ordered your mobile subscription online you can start the product configuration.
  2. Choose your current operator from the list and the mobile phone number you would like to transfer.
  3. You'll only need to provide your customer account number. If you have a prepaid subscription you'll have to provide the SIM card number.
I have another Proximus subscription and want to change it: can I keep my phone number?

Follow these steps:

  1. Once you have ordered your mobile subscription, log in to MyProximus.
  2. Choose 'Proximus' from the operator list and the mobile phone number you would like to transfer.
  3. For every mobile phone number you want to transfer you will need to provide the SIM card number, so keep this at hand.

Good to know: you can only keep you mobile phone number if this isnt combined with a smartphone offer.

What if you've signed up for a smartphone offer with a subscription or benefit from a pack, a promotional offer or extra option?

Contact us via chat, visit a Proximus Shop or call our call center and let us help you switch.

I have a prepaid card and want to change to a mobile subscription: can I keep my phone number?

Choose the subscription you need and click the "Add to card" button. Your remaining call credit of your reload card will be automatically deducted from your first bill.

Do I have to pay to keep my number?

We transfer your number free of charge. When placing your order, you just need to indicate whether you want to keep your number; we'll take care of the rest.

Will I stay connected while transferring my subscription?

You can continue to make calls while we take care of the transfer. It doesnt matter if you have a mobile phone number from Proximus or another operator.

I still hesitate and would like to compare the mobile subscriptions with other operators.
I am switching to Proximus, what are the next steps?
  1. Choose your subscription
    Keep your customer and SIM card number from your current operator with you when ordering online. If you have a prepaid subscription, your SIM card number is required.
  2. We take care of everything
    Once your order has been confirmed, we contact your current operator to cancel your contract and transfer your number to Proximus. We will make sure that your mobile number remains the same. This takes a maximum of 3 working days. In the meantime, you will receive your Proximus SIM card.
  3. Sit back and relax
    Once everything is settled, you receive an SMS to let you know that your subscription is ready. When your current network is no longer available, you can replace your SIM card and after a maximum of 30 minutes, you can start calling, surfing, texting... as usual.
I am already a customer, how does that work?

You will receive your new SIM card by post. The SIM card is activated and ready to use. All you have to do is insert the SIM card into your phone and connect.

I already have a mobile subscription, but my pricing plan isnt an ideal fit. Can I change it?

You can easily change your tariff plan for free. No strings attached, you can change your mind again at any time.

Mobilus & Mobilus FullControl

Is the Mobilus mobile subscription also valid abroad?

The Mobilus mobile subscription and its benefits (calls, texts, data and unlimited favourite app) are valid in Belgium and while travelling in the European Union + Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Does 'Mobilus XL Unlimited & Unlimited data' really have 'unlimited' data?

You have 30 GB in Belgium and 21 GB traveling in the EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway, to surf at maximum speed. Once your 30 GB / 21 GB is used up, you have unlimited data to surf at reduced speed (maximum 512 Kbps) in Belgium / at maximum speed at the price of € 0.0042/MB traveling in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

What is the difference between Mobilus and Mobilus FullControl subscriptions?

The Mobilus subscription allows you to call, text and surf freely in Belgium and the European Union. If you use up more than what is included in your subscription or when travelling outside the EU, you have the option of exceeding your monthly bundle. You'll then be billed at the applicable out-of-bundle rate. You can track your usage via MyProximus and through SMS notifications.

With Mobilus FullControl, you retain full control over your budget as you cannot exceed your monthly bundle. With a Mobilus FullControl subscription, your call minutes and MB will be automatically blocked once youve used them up. You can of course continue to send text messages limitlessly. If youve used up your bundle or need to make calls, send text messages or surf the Net outside the European Union, you can top up with additional credit online, at the top-up rate.

How can I switch to Mobilus FullControl?

Once youve ordered your Mobilus FullControl subscription, log in to MyProximus. Choose 'Proximus' from the operator list and the mobile phone number you would like to transfer. For every mobile phone number you want to transfer you'll need to provide the SIM card number, so keep this at hand.

Good to know: you can only keep your mobile phone number if this isnt combined with a smartphone offer. What if you've signed up for a smartphone offer with a subscription or currently benefit from a pack, promotional offer or extra option? Contact us via chat, visit a Proximus Shop or call our call center and let us help you switch.

I am a Mobilus FullControl customer and I used up my monthly allowance. What can I do about it?

Dont worry: you can top up if necessary! Your call minutes and data will be automatically blocked once you've used up your bundle allowance. Of course, you continue to enjoy unlimited texting. Think you need more volume? Or need to call from abroad? Easily reload your subscription online!

Epic beats & stories

What makes an Epic subscription so different from other subscriptions?

Epic is a new mobile subscription. It's much more than a simple price plan. Besides endless mobile data for social media and music apps, unlimited texts, 90 or even 120 call minutes, and 3 or 4 GB extra data for all other apps/browsing, you get a whole lot of extras. Download the Epic app asap for Epic extras such as Epic experiences, gifts and contests exclusively for Epic customers.

We're also super transparent and accessible. Just send us a message via Facebook Messenger, with feedback or questions, and we'll help you immediately.

Should I take an Epic subscription? Or is Mobilus better in my case?

That depends entirely on how you use your mobile phone! If you use it mainly for social networking and music apps, which guzzle up all your mobile data, then Epic is for you. If you use it for other apps, you're better off with one of our Mobilus subscriptions.

Our competitors also offer different possibilities, of course, but they're not as interesting as ours! ;-) Want a clear summary? Check out the comparison tool.

Does "endless" really mean "endless"?

Good question! You can transfer data at the maximum speed for all your Epic apps, until you reach 20 GB. After that, your Internet speed for these apps will be lowered, i.e. to 512 Kbps. But don't worry, this is still high enough to continue using your apps. To give you an idea: in theory, you can listen to Spotify in normal quality at 96 Kbps. And did you know that you could listen to Spotify for over 480 before your 20 GB would have been used up?

And can I use my Epic subscription abroad?

Within the 28 EU countries (+ Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) you can continue using your national price plan. So you can keep on using your Epic apps without paying for mobile data. But watch out! There's a 12 GB limit. When you've used up those 12 GB, you pay €0.0042 extra for each additional MB you use in the EU.

The 3 or 4 GB you receive for all your other apps can also be used in the rest of the EU, just like the call minutes and unlimited texts.

Geography not your strong point? Look up the EU countries before you leave. For example, you may think Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican City are in the EU, but they're not!

Outside the EU you don't have free data for your social networking and music apps. And your stack of 3/4 GB and your call minutes are not valid there either. You have to pay for each MB, call minute or text. The exact prices vary, depending on the country.

Can I buy extra mobile data?

Yep. If you need more data than your 3 or 4 GB in your bundle, you can buy 500 MB extra for just 5 euro. And it's valid for 31 days. You can activate it easily via the app. You can do this yourself, even when you're not the one who pays the bill, but maybe ask the one who pays if its ok ;-)

I already have a Proximus pack (with TV, Internet and/or fixed telephony). Can I switch to an Epic subscription?

Of course! We'll do the switch at no extra cost. Do you already have a Proximus SIM card? Then wait until you receive the activation text message, and you're good to go. Are you switching to Proximus from another provider? Then you'll receive the new Epic SIM card as soon as possible in the post, or immediately in a Proximus Center!

Watch out if you currently have a Tuttimus or Minimus pack! In this pack a Mobilus subscription is included, but an Epic subscription is not:

  • The Epic subscription falls outside your pack. For your other Mobilus subscriptions, the pack advantages remain the same (such as free calls with each other, TV app data, the data and/or voice boost, etc.), but not for your Epic subscription. Fortunately, Epic is good enough without all those advantages!
  • If there are no other Mobilus subscriptions in your pack, we still have to do a switch. Your Tuttimus will change into a Familus plus Epic. You will lose a few advantages, such as the data boost and TV app data, but that's nothing compared to all the advantages you get with an Epic subscription.

Want more details? Let us know via Messenger!

I have a Proximus smartphone with a subscription. Can I also switch to an Epic subscription?

If you recently took out a contact for a subscription + smartphone, you can switch without a problem. You will pay the Epic subscription fee, plus the DataPhone option you also pay for now.

If you took out a contract with a smartphone some time ago, please read the small print. You can't just cancel your contract and will have to pay a cancellation fee. If you're not sure, get in touch with us via Messenger!

How do I become an Epic member?

The easiest way is online. Need help? Contact us via Messenger or pop into a Proximus Center nearby.

Can I get a smartphone with an Epic subscription?

Of course! On this page, you can see which smartphones are currently available. 

What are the Epic apps? And what kind of usage is included?

The endless epic apps were selected based on research for the most used applications amongst millenials .

The social networking apps are Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat. You don't have to choose one because you get them all.

By the way, the Facebook videos you watch in your wall are included. So even if you click on a video and end up in a Facebook video page, this is included in your endless data. But watch out: if you arrive on YouTube via Facebook, the mobile data is no longer free. That's because YouTube is not included in Epic stories or Epic beats. Big fan of Youtube? Check Epic combo.

The music apps are Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Tomorrowland and Audiomack(new!).

When you listen to these apps, no data usage will be billed. With "endless listening" we mean that you don't have to pay for data. But that doesn't mean you now have a premium subscription for these services. You have to arrange that yourself.

How do I switch from Epic stories to Epic beats, or vice versa?

We can fix that for you via Facebook Messenger. Just let us know!

What can you do with the Epic app?

With the Proximus Epic app, you can check your usage, view and pay your bills, and you'll occasionally receive epic extras such as free data! You can download the Epic app 48 hours after you become an Epic customer. Is the app acting weird? Remove and install it again - that should solve the problem. Download it now

Tariffs and usage

How does the promotion work?

If you are a new customer, you will pay a promo price for the duration of the specific promotion (e.g. the first 3 months). After these first months, you will pay the full price of the chosen subscription.

What are the out-of-bundle rates of my mobile subscription ?
What are the rates of my mobile subscription from and to abroad?

Consult the roaming and international rates of your mobile subscription that apply when you're abroad or when you call an international destination.

How can I find out how much of my subscription allowance I've used up?

You can monitor your usage at any time on our MyProximus app and we'll send you a text message to warn you before you exceed your limit. This way you avoid any unpleasant surprises when you receive your bill.

Are the unlimited text messages really unlimited?

You have a maximum of 500 text messages per day. Once you have reached this amount, you won't be able to send any more messages until midnight. The next day, you will be able to text again. No idea when you will reach this number? Don't worry, you will receive a notification when you have sent 400 messages and you will receive another notification when you have reached the limit of 500 messages. One text message exists of 160 characters.


Is my mobile ready for surfing on the Internet?

If it isn't, it's very easy to configure your mobile using our online tool.

Need more data volume?

If you find that your mobile data volume is insufficient on a regular basis, we recommend that you opt for a higher-level Mobilus or Epic mobile subscription or a mobile subscription included in Tuttimus to benefit from even more advantages.

If you regularly need more data and want to keep your current mobile subscription, ask for the Extra Volume 500 MB option for €5 on MyProximus.

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