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Discover the advantages of eSIM

What is an eSIM?

Your 100% digital SIM card

An eSIM is a digital form of a standard SIM card that is embedded into your device and stores the data needed to connect to the Proximus network.

An eSIM has the same functionalities as the traditional plastic SIM card. It can be activated completely digitally, allowing you to be connected quickly, wherever you are.

Why choose an eSIM?

Discover all the advantages

  • Order a subscription without having to wait for your SIM card to be delivered.
  • Install your eSIM profile anytime, anywhere, on any compatible device.
  • Get connected quickly with 100% digital installation.
  • Benefit from dual SIM functionality, which allows you to have two active mobile subscriptions in one device at the same time.
  • Switch easily between your work and private number, without needing to use two phones.
  • Easily activate a local data plan when traveling outside the EU.
  • No raw materials needed for physical production.
  • No packaging waste as eSIMs are digital, removing the need for bulky packaging.
  • No logistics or sales footprint.

How to activate your subscription and eSIM?

Is my device eSIM compatible?

Check if your device is eSIM compatible by searching for it in the Proximus compatible device finder below.

Order your eSIM now

Ready for the eSIM revolution? Select the mobile subscription of your choice and follow the steps to order it with an eSIM. Want a new smartphone with it? Check our brand new smartphones that are eSIM compatible.

Frequently asked questions

An eSim or embedded SIM is a SIM card that is built into the smartphone and offers exactly the same functionnalities as a physical SIM card. With an eSIM, there's no physical SIM card that you need to insert, and you can quickly activate it.

To be able to use your eSIM and enjoy your new subscription within a few hours, you need an activation code or a QR code. You may have received this code via MyProximus-app or web when you placed your order, by e-mail or from a salesperson.

Find the whole procedure here

An eSIM can only be used with compatible smartphones and tablets. For the moment we do not support eSIM on smartwatches.

Check if your device is compatible

Yes, you can swap your physical SIM to an eSIM, but it's not yet possible to do this online. You can pass by in one of our shops to ask for a swap.

Any additional questions?