How to transfer WhatsApp files from Android to iPhone?

Published on 07/10/2020 in Apps

How to transfer WhatsApp files from Android to iPhone?

You purchased a new iPhone and want to transfer messages, photos and videos from your old Android device? Or maybe it’s the other way around and you want move files from an iPhone to a new Android smartphone? Unfortunately, it is not easy to transfer everything between these different types of devices. But at least there are some solutions to guarantee that you will not lose anything you want to save.

So what should you do? We collected some interesting tips in a blog: read it in French or Dutch!

Our best advice: use your new phone to start fascinating new conversations with your family and friends. The only thing you need is Mobilus, a subscription that enables you to choose from everything unlimited to a volume that meets your personal needs.

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Good to know: if you choose WhatsApp as your favourite app, you always enjoy unlimited use of this app. Of course, you can also pick another app.


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