Reset your Wi-Fi Bridge

You have a problem with your Wi-Fi Bridge? First try the following solutions:

  1. Restart your Wi-Fi Bridge by pressing the Power button to turn off the device, then pressing it again a few seconds later. The Power LED doesn't light up? Check that the Wi-Fi Bridge is connected to an electrical outlet.
  2. Check the LEDs on your Wi-Fi Bridge. If the Link Quality LED is out, you have to synchronize again the Wi-Fi Bridge.

Your problem is not solved? We suggest that you to reset your Wi-Fi Bridge:

  1. Press for at least 10 seconds with a pencil or toothpick into the small hole on the back of the unit.
  2. Unplug your Wi-Fi Bridge.

Your Wi-Fi Bridge is now reset. You can reinstall it.

Wi-Fi Bridge

Reset of the Wi-Fi Bridge