Proximus+, discover the plus side of life

Easily manage your mobile subscription through your employer, buy transport tickets, monitor the energy consumption of your home, all in one app.

The Proximus+ app is free in your mobile store

The MyProximus app becomes Proximus+

The MyProximus app is renewed to offer you an optimal experience! With the Proximus+ app, get a smooth access to:

  • Your mobile subscription provided by your employer (monitor your usage, pay your bill etc.)
  • Your personal Proximus products (television, internet or a private mobile subscription),
  • All Proximus+ services designed to simplify your daily life.

Proximus+ app: the 'plus' that makes the difference with MyProximus

Proximus+ app, the all-in-one app! Manage Proximus products and services, and enjoy all the services you need to simplify your daily life.

Manage your usage

Effortlessly get a real-time overview of the mobile number offered via your employer, as well as other Proximus products you have in addition. That way, you avoid any surprises.

Stay on top of your invoices

Track the invoices for your mobile subscription via your employer if your share the costs. Additionally, manage invoices related to other Proximus products you may have. Pay them easily and quickly through the app.

Manage multiple accounts

If you both have a mobile number via your employer and other Proximus products, you can conveniently manage them all. Seamlessly switch between accounts in the app for hassle-free management.

Optimize your energy consumption

Track your energy consumption, always get the best energy rate and reduce your environmental footprint.

Discover nearby activities and restaurants

Easily find local events, connect with your neighbours or book a restaurant table via the app.

Move around easily

Get to your destination quickly by car, train or bus. Don't worry about parking or transport tickets: pay for them in the app.

Coming soon

Maximise your spendings

Save as you spend with cashbacks.

Keep your finances in check with Budget Manager.

How to get started with the Proximus+ app?

Questions about the Proximus+ app

Would you like to monitor and manage your mobile number through your employer, or use the new services offered by Proximus+?

Step 1: install Proximus+

  • Is the MyProximus app installed on your phone? Then Proximus+ will be activated automatically unless you have disabled automatic app updates.
  • Is the MyProximus app not yet on your phone? Search and download it in the App or Play store.

Step 2: Activate Proximus+

  • For security reasons, you must log in when activating Proximus+ for the first time.
  • Do you already have a MyProximus account? Then choose ‘log in with MyProximus’ and use the account data linked to the mobile subscription through your employer. Don't have a MyProximus account yet? Create one.

Next, choose your PIN code. You can also activate biometric login (via fingerprint or facial recognition).

You will then be directed to the Proximus+ dashboard. If you want to see and track the details of the mobile number through your employer, click on the MyProximus icon at the bottom of the dashboard.

It's possible that in addition to your subscription through your employer, you are also a private customer with Proximus, or you want to manage multiple accounts (e.g., your professional subscription and that of a family member).

Learn how to set up multiple accounts

It's possible that you can see the invoice for your personal mobile phone number through Proximus+, but not for your professional mobile subscription.

Learn how to consult this invoice

It's possible that through Proximus+, you can see the usage of your personal mobile phone number, but you can't view how much you've surfed, called, or texted with your professional mobile phone number.

Learn how to view this usage

It's possible that you could previously log in to MyProximus without needing a username and password, based on your mobile data connection via the 4G or 5G network. If you want to monitor the mobile subscription through your employer, you need to register a MyProximus account for security reasons. The same applies to tracking your personal subscriptions.

This way, you can monitor your usage at any time, view and pay your bill, or order options if your employer has granted you the ordering rights. Don't have an account yet? Register by creating an account using your professional mobile phone number and preferably your professional email address.

Register by creating an account

You might be logged into MyProximus with the credentials of your MyProximus Enterprise account.

Here's an explanation:

MyProximus Enterprise is intended for your company, while MyProximus is specifically for you.

With a MyProximus Enterprise account, you manage your company's products, invoices, and services. For example, you manage all mobile numbers of colleagues within your organization, internet lines, or technical incidents. MyProximus Enterprise only works via PC or laptop, not via the Proximus+ app.

With a MyProximus account, you can only manage your personal products via the Proximus+ app, whether it's the mobile number for which your employer pays (partially) or internet or TV at your home.

The most important thing to remember is that the login credentials, including the email address, for MyProximus Enterprise must be different from those for your personal MyProximus account. So, you won't be able to log in with your MyProximus Enterprise credentials to your MyProximus account or vice versa.

Suppose you already have a MyProximus Enterprise account for your company and you also want to access MyProximus for your own mobile number, either private or professional. In that case, you'll need a different email address than that of your existing MyProximus Enterprise account.

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