MyProximus Enterprise

Your digital business portal

Enables your company to:

  • Manage mobile, fixed and ICT products
  • Follow up and analyse invoices
  • Get support for questions and issues
MyProximus Enterpise portal

One portal to manage everything

Mobile, fixed line and ICT products management

Mobile number management

  • (De)activate numbers, subscriptions and mobile options
  • Define consumption limits and restrictions per number
  • Track mobile usage of all numbers via dashboards
  • Order E-SIM, duo-SIM or physical SIM cards

Landline, internet & ICT products

  • Manage your ICT connectivity products & services
  • Manage your fixed telephony products and benefit from applications such as voice continuity
  • Track your internet usage and manage connections. Enjoy web hosting and internet packs for employees

Invoices and payments management

For mobile and fixed products

  • Consult invoices, download invoices and check their payment status
  • Manage invoice accounts
  • Analyse your invoices, with Invoice Insights

Product and service issues management

Problems, interventions or questions

They can be reported and followed up easily, 24/7 and completely digitally via tickets that go immediately to the right teams:

  • Technical teams deal with issues with your infrastructure
  • Administrative teams deal with questions and problems regarding billing and mobile services
  • Follow the progress and receive alerts and notifications on updates

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Access rights & user management

Give your colleagues the right access via user management

In MyProximus Enterprise your colleagues can access those applications that are in line with their responsibilities.

The main administrator has access to all functions and applications and can assign rights to different users via user access management.

3 types of profiles depending on your functions

Digital Access Owner

Full control

Manage all applications and grant other users selected access rights to the applications you want.

Delegate User

Partial control

Manage the applications in MyProximus Enterprise that are in line with your responsibilities.


Individual control

Manage only your own mobile phone number through the Proximus+ app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Via MyProximus Enterprise, you can ask for help with administrative questions and complaints as well as technical problems and malfunctions. You can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via a support ticket that you create yourself in the portal. You can also track its status through the portal.

I want to create a ticket

Through MyProximus Enterprise you can view and download your company invoices and view their payment status, as well as create and manage invoice accounts. You can analyse your invoices in detail with Invoice Insights.

I want to follow-up on my invoices

Through MyProximus Enterprise, only the chief administrator, or Digital Access Owner of your company, can manage the access for colleagues. This can be done via user management in MyProximus Enterprise. The Digital Access Owner can create new users and give them full or partial access to the portal, as well as modify or close the access of existing users.

Are you not a Digital Access Owner? Then contact this person if you need access or wish to modify your existing access.

Is there not yet a Digital Access Owner in your company? Then check who withing your company is best placed to take on this role, and create an access.

I want to manage the access

Does your employer intervene in your mobile subscription? Then you can use the Proximus+ app to keep an eye on your consumption, view and pay your bills, order mobile options, ...

What do you need to get started? The Proximus+ app and an account. How to create that account and other frequently asked questions about the app, such as how to view and pay your bills in the app, can be found on the page about the Proximus+ app for employees

I get started

Via Mobile Number Management in MyProximus Enterprise you can, among other things, add numbers to your fleet, manage existing numbers (e.g. change rate plans or options) and deactivate or transfer numbers from your fleet.

I want to manage my fleet