Think Possible

Our mission

Think possible: a digital world of opportunities

The future is bright at Proximus. That is why our buildings carry the slogan 'Think possible'!

Think possible means that we are convinced that new digital solutions will make our lives easier, will enable us to work together in smarter ways and will allow us to make our world sustainable.

That is why we are constantly looking for the best partnerships, which we then offer to everyone on our platforms. That is also why we keep investing in sustainable technology in order to keep our ecological footprint - and that of all Belgians - small.

We know very well that we can only move forward together.
That is what we work towards every day at Proximus.

And that is why we say: Think possible.

Digital with respect for the planet

At Proximus we believe that technology can help us move towards a green society. We take our responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment.

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A digital society for all

Everyone should be able to enjoy the digital society, right? We think so too. That's why we make it easy and safe for everyone to do your thing digitally.

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Get  fast medical advice from wherever you want? Discover the doktr app.

Every place should be perfect

A floating e-commerce on the Schelde or a gaming weekend in Falaën (yes, that's Belgium too)? Everything is possible with a strong Fiber and 5G network.

A more sustainable approach to our devices

Discover here how Proximus, through devices, contributes to the evolution towards a circular economy and a smaller footprint.