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The coolest gadgets from MWC Barcelona

Geek news


At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona there was so much more to see than just new mobile phones.

It’s remarkable how many companies came out with some form of virtual reality headset. A strange view, when you see people wearing one of these devices at a congress.

The car manufacturers were also present. Combining an electrical car with an electric bike seems to be part of their future. Everything connected to the internet, of course.

De nicest way in which this was applied is Intel’s chipset which turns your motor helmet interactive. Not to read your mails on the road. But in order to strengthen your safety by alerting other drivers of your proximity through your helmet...

Amicimi is born!

Koen Delvaux


Proximus Innovation launches its very first product: Amicimi. Amicimi, in Latin translates to ‘my friend’. Forever ready to help. The name is well chose for the application that has been developed: an SOS button connected to your smartphone...

White Hat Hacker Challenge: is our Homeview camera safe?

Koen Delvaux

Behind the scenes

We are looking for people who will test the safety of our Homeview camera in a controlled way.

Chromecast guest mode: turning the tv screen sociable again

Koen Delvaux

Guest posts

Sounds familiar? You’re talking to your friend about an excursion you did. At one point you tell them to hold on: ‘I’ll show you’. And you take out your smartphone and show some pictures. This inspires your friends to show you something and they get out their phones too...

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