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Promo: from 01/02 through 31/03/2019. Monthly discount so you pay €49/month for 3 months for your Minimus 1.5 GB pack, regardless of the TV bundle chosen. Thereafter, you pay the normal price. Not compatible with other promotions, except for the joint offer of a smartphone with a mobile subscription and the DataPhone option.

Netflix: General terms and conditions of Netflix: www.netflix.com/termsofuse. How do you activate Netflix? www.proximus.be/iwantnetflix. It is possible to subscribe to this offer until 14/04/2019. Proximus reserves the right to prolong the offer or end it earlier.

Webdeal: only valid when ordering online. Receive a €10 discount for 3 months on the monthly price of the pack. Promotion valid until 31/03/2019 for any new internet subscriber who opts for a Minimus pack.

  1. Unlimited fixed data volume: as from 750 GB, your Internet speed will be limited until the first day of the following month, unless you activate an Extra Volume option (150 GB) free of charge via MyProximus. Info: proximus.be/internetpolicy
  2. Fixed Internet speed: the maximum speed is theoretical and is not reached by all customers. The download speed in your home mainly depends on the distance between the connection point and the distribution center, VDSL availability, your computer system and internal wiring. These factors must be optimal to be able to surf the Internet at the maximum speed. Check your surfing speed on proximus.be/vitesseinternet

    Unlimited use of favorite app: use in Belgium but also throughout the European Union (+ Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein)* valid for an app of your choice (can be changed once per month) from a list of popular apps selected by Proximus. Proximus reserves the right to change the offer with two months' notice. As from 1st of November, Pinterest and Messenger ( with Facebook) will be added to the Favourite apps list. Pokemon will be stopped on the 30/11. More information about the additional terms and conditions relating to the apps: proximus.be/support.

    * Reasonable roaming usage within the EU in accordance with the general terms and conditions.

    Netflix: Where Netflix is chosen as the TV bundle, the price of the pack with TV bundle increases by €1.04 per month. The price of the Netflix subscription will be listed on the Proximus bill.  Proximus TV provides technically simplified access to Netflix via the decoder. Follow the instructions on proximus.be/iwantnetflix to activate your Netflix streaming subscription. The Netflix TV bundle and simplified access are provided for as long as the Netflix contract is valid and subject to changes imposed by Netflix. More information:www.netflix.com/termofuse. The TV bundle relates to the Netflix subscription for 2 screens.  On request: Netflix for 1 screen (for €2 less per month) or for 4 screens (€3 extra per month). The Netflix subscription may be canceled separately from the pack at any time. It is possible to subscribe until 15 February 2019. Proximus reserves the right to prolong the offer or end it earlier.

    Proximus TV: for more information about the availability of Proximus TV, HD coverage, the possibility to connect several TV sets, or the range of channels and options in your region: proximus.be

    TV Replay: availability depends on the television channels and any authorizations these may or may not have received to operate the program in question. Also available on PCs, tablets and mobiles via the Proximus app. Not available for Scarlet customers. For more information and the terms and conditions, see: proximus.be/tvreplay.

    Proximus TV app: for Proximus TV customers with a MyProximus account. For use in Belgium via the Internet (fixed or mobile) of Proximus. TV guide accessible to all Internet users.

    Wi-Fi Hotspots and Smart Wi-Fi: subject to subscription to the service and acceptance of the general terms and conditions. Activation of Smart Wi-Fi via the MyProximus app/Network.

    Mobilus/FullControl in a pack: monthly discount on the L mobile subscription and unlimited minutes for Mobilus M or L while the customer keeps his contract. Max. 6 mobile subscriptions in the pack.

    Precautionary measure against bill shocks: usage is blocked as from €60 over the amount provided for in the subscription. The customer can always reactivate his usage by contacting Customer Services.

    Calls/texts: to fixed and mobile numbers in Belgium, except special numbers (voting lines, 0900 numbers, etc.). Calls are billed by the second as from the 61st sec.

    Mobile Internet: valid in Belgium but also throughout the European Union (+ Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein)*. Billing is per KB.Out-of-bundle minute and MB rates as per rate plan. Unused minutes and MB are not carried over to the next month.

    Mobilus XL Unlimited : You have 20 GB in Belgium and 16 GB traveling in the EU* to surf at maximum speed. Once your 20 GB / 16 GB is used up, you have unlimited data to surf at reduced speed (512 Kbps) in Belgium / at maximum speed at the price of € 0,0072/MB traveling in the EU*. This price changes to € 0,0054/MB as from 01/01/2019.

    * Reasonable roaming usage within the EU in accordance with the general terms and conditions.

    Data & International Calls: compatible only with Mobilus L and not with Bizz Smart+ Internet On GSM and Bizz Data & International Calls.

    4G: 4G-compatible device required.

    Installation by a technician (value: €59) offered free of charge to new Minimus customers

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