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Most asked questions about online verification

Proximus wants to verify your identity for multiple reasons:

  • to be able to offer you the services you requested. Proximus must indeed be able to correctly identify its customers to start a contractual relationship, to provision the customer with the services, eventually to physically install the service, to bill the customers and to contact the customers for all customer administration purposes.
  • to fight fraud, phishing and identity theft (someone pretending to be you and buying a product in your name). Proximus wants to prevent that false identities or being used to order services that will never be paid, but Proximus also wants to protect you from abuse of your identity and becoming a victim if somebody with bad intentions tries to order products or services in your name. That’s why the identification is such a thorough process
  • to comply, like all providers of electronic communications services, to the legal obligation to identify the customers for the judicial and other competent authorities. Proximus, like all other providers of electronic communications services, has the legal obligation to identify its customers. This is written in the Electronic Communications Act of June 13th 2005 and in the Royal decrees of September 19th 2013 and November 27th 2016. Proximus has the legal obligation to register your National Registry Number in a separate database that is to be kept for the competent authorities. Proximus itself is not allowed to use your National Registry Number
  • to have a good quality database to keep you informed of the Proximus products and services by means of several communication channels like email, sms, telephone, postal letter, online and TV advertising. Proximus will try to adapt its communications as much as possible to your personal needs based for example on your age, your gender and your living place. The number of your identity document will help us to uniquely identify you in the customer database and avoid the creation of double accounts for one and the same customer. Of course, you have the right to refuse the use of your data by Proximus for sending you commercial information. See a specific section in this FAQ on how to opt-out from such messages

You can verify your identity in 3 ways:

  • Using itsme app to validate your identity and share your personal information (you need an itsme account). Behind the screens, itsme will provide Proximus in a safe way with the minimal set of data that is needed to identify you
  • Sharing the data from your eID card via a card reader (you need an eID card reader and a laptop where you can install a specific software). Thanks to this specific software that you will need to install, Proximus will retrieve only the data that is needed to sufficiently identify you
  • Taking a photo of your identity document and allowing our technology to read and retrieve the data from your document (you need a device with a camera and your ID document). The data on your identity document will be read automatically and the data that are necessary to identify you will be retrieved

The image recognition software will be able to extract the text and the relevant information from your ID At the same time a check is being performed to exclude fake, counterfeited or expired documents. If these checks have a positive outcome, you will be able to proceed with your order. The photograph of your identification document will be properly deleted immediately after the identity verification has taken place

The following identification data are being retrieved: your name, first name, birthdate, gender, address, document number and validity period. These data will be used for the finalities explained in the section: Why do I need to verify my identity? Proximus has the legal obligation to also capture your national number from your eID card (rijksregisternummer/numéro national) for the competent judicial and other authorities. Proximus is not allowed to and will not use your national number for its own purposes

Your data will be collected and used by Proximus for the purposes explained in the section “Why do I need to verify my identity?”. In some cases, your data can be shared under conditions with third parties. You will find more information on this in the Proximus Privacy policy

Your identification document will no longer be kept than necessary for the validation of it. After the validation process, your Belgian identity document is deleted The retrieved identification data can be stored at a maximum up to 10 years after you have ceased to be a Proximus customer. You can read more in the Proximus Privacy policy.

The different identification methods take only few steps and your identity is immediately and automatically validated once the steps are completed Whenever your identity cannot be verified automatically (this can happen only in few cases when the picture does not have enough quality or the document does not pass the authenticity checks), we will need to proceed with manual verification. This process can take from 10 minutes up to one day. Don’t want to wait? You will be able to send the shopping cart with the selected products to your email and Proximus will notify you once the verification is completed and you will be redirected to complete only the last steps of your purchase

We accept the following documents as a proof of identity:

  • The Eid card for Belgian nationals
  • The eID card for foreigners (non-EU nationals residing in Belgium and registered in the foreign population register)

You can purchase a product or a service in our shops with a valid identity document (European ID or international passport)If your document was not issued by Belgian authorities, you will also need a proof that you are a resident in Belgium (e.g. an employment contract or badge, student card or enrollment document in an educational institution in Belgium)

Either your eID expired or it’s been lost or stolen, you can come to the shop with an Annex12 (an official document attesting that your eID is expired and that you’re waiting for its renewal) or with your Belgian passport

You will not be able to complete the purchase and you will be requested to retry with the same method or identify with another method. We invite you to visit one of our Proximus Shops

If you want to buy a mobile subscription or joint offer for someone else via the webshop, make sure you have access to their physical eID card

  • You’re the rightful - and only - holder of the document and personal data you share.
  • Every piece of information you provide to us is 100% accurate

  • You want to identify by taking pictures of your document but don’t have a camera on your laptop? No worries, you can take pictures with your mobile phone using the SMS link or the QR code provided in the screen
  • If you’re trying to submit a photo using a mobile device your browser may need permission to access your camera. You may also need to refresh the page after granting the camera permission
  • Provide high-quality files. Take photos in a well-lit room, and fit information within the provided lines. Make sure that the image isn’t blurry or dark
  • Submit photos of an original (not photocopied) and undamaged ID. If the ID has two sides, make sure that you submit each side—one of the front and one of the back

You have the right to access, correct, transfer and have your data deleted. You have the right to object to the use of your data for marketing purposes. All your data subject rights and how you can exercise them is described in the Proximus Privacy Policy

  • The best way to opt-out from the Proximus news on products, services and promotions, is to do this via your MyProximus account. This will allow you to differentiate your choice per communication channel. For example if you don’t want to receive SMS messages from Proximus but you want to be kept informed via email only, you can indicate this in your MyProximus account. On our website, go to MyProximus and sign in with your password. Once you are signed in on MyProximus, go to the "My account" section and then to "My privacy", where you can set/modify your privacy preferences. In the same section, under "My notifications", you can also indicate through which communication channels we may or may not contact you. If you don't have access to MyProximus yet, follow the instructions provided there to create a MyProximus account. If you don't have Internet access, you can inform customer services of your preference at 0800 55 800
  • In the Proximus Privacy policy you will find all information on your data subject rights and how to exercise them with Proximus.

Yes, Proximus has a Data Protection Officer. The Data Protection Officer can be contacted via:
Address: bd du Roi Albert II 27,
1030 Brussels


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