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We no longer offer this insurance, but we are currently working on new insurance solutions. Do you want to surf the Internet safely? Protect your devices with Norton Security!

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The contract was concluded for the duration of one year. The contract can be terminated after 6 months with one month's notice. 3 months before the end date of your contract, you will be notified of the termination of the contract by registered letter.

  • Your identity, photo or other personal details are protected against theft and fraud. You will receive first-line legal assistance and psychological assistance.
  • Your means of payment for online purchases are insured for up to 5.000 EUR and you are entitled to 3 claims per year against fraud and abuse.
  • Your data will be restored by a data recovery expert in case of loss due to malicious software. You are insured for up to 800 EUR and 1 intervention per year.
  • Your reputation is protected in case you are a victim of cyberstalking. You get first-line legal assistance, psychological assistance, and technical support for online harassment. You are entitled to up to 3 claims per year.

Please read the specific terms and conditions in the IPID-document(PDF, 200 KB).

Your family members living under the same roof. Non-family members residing with you, even if they are domiciled, are not protected.

Unlawful, criminal, racist, extremist, pornographic internet activities are not protected. During the support, Cyber Care shall not be liable for damage, vandalism or theft. Delay or poor performance by an appointed service provider or because of force majeure is not covered.

You can call Cyber Care day and night on the free assistance line. Do you need urgent assistance?

  1. Notify AXA by calling the number 02 552 51 65 free of charge. A member of the Assistance Team will answer your call.
  2. Identify yourself and provide all necessary information to the employee, who will discuss the following steps with you over the phone.
  3. He will give you tips on how to better protect yourself against future cyberattacks.
  4. Is your claim complete and are you entitled to financial compensation? You will be refunded by AXA within 15 days of submission.

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If you have a complaint, please contact our Quality department: Inter Partner Assistance NV, Regentlaan 7, 1000 Brussels, If the answer to your question regarding our services is insufficient, you may contact the Ombudsman van de Verzekeringen, De Meeûssquare 35, 1000 Brussels, tel. 02 547 58 71. (

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If you want to cancel your Cyber Care product, please fill out this form.

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