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We’re sorry to see you go

Did you know that there is probably another product that is better suited to your needs and consumption? Are you sure you are aware of all the consequences of your cancellation? Of all the advantages you will lose?

Contact us, we are here to listen to your needs. Together, we will find the most advantageous solution for you.

The most common problems encountered by other customers

What you need to know before you leave

You will lose your advantages

By cancelling your Proximus subscription, you will lose the benefits that more than 2.6 million Proximus customers use every day.

Cancelling your Proximus subscription means giving up:

  • A top-quality fixed network - as proven by Netflix statistics.
  • A Wi-Fi Booster is available for you. To have the best connection in every corner, simply and without extra costs.
  • Smartphones at a reduced price for all mobile customers, at any time.
  • Unlimited calls and texts + 10 GB for €10 per month. And this is not a temporary promo!
  • Netflix directly on your set-top box for unparalleled ease of use.
  • My e-Press: Your newspaper now included in your pack- Monthly subscription value: €17.99 for Le Soir and €17.50 for Het Laatste Nieuws.
  • Enjoy!, exclusive loyalty benefits!
  • A free replacement smartphone if yours is broken, lost or stolen.
  • All UEFA Champions League matches, exclusively.
  • Studio 100, the kids' favourite TV option, exclusively!
  • For business customers, a guarantee of 24-hour repair, a backup in case of Internet failure, and a dedicated 24/7 technical helpdesk.

There are many Proximus advantages and they sometimes depend on the products and services you have. Not sure if you are entitled to them? This is often the case but we will be happy to guide you personally; contact us!

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Do you know the risks?

Don't want to keep these benefits? By cancelling, you risk paying penalties for example. Read these tips on how to avoid unpleasant surprises....

  • Check your last invoice for the residual value of your joint offer (smartphone mobile subscription); you will have to pay it back. Beware, the amounts are often high!
  • Watch your recordings before cancelling your TV service; they will be lost afterwards.
  • Quickly inform all your contacts of your new e-mail address if you were using the one we gave you.
  • Upload your photos and other personal documents if you were using the cloud space we provided.
  • Watch out for hidden surcharges before you sign another contract:
    • Have you thought about renting a 2nd or 3rd decoder?
    • Netflix will increase. Not to mention that you will probably no longer be able to watch it via your decoder.
    • The Wi-Fi Booster: free loan at Proximus, how much elsewhere?
  • You will no longer be able to watch all the UEFA Champions League matches, a Proximus exclusive.


Pay less, enjoy more

Your tailor-made pack or subscription: there is surely an offer that fits you better. Because your needs evolve and our products with them, we guide you towards the most suitable product.

The most advantageous package for you

Answer a few questions to find out which pack is right for you or browse our entire offer at your leisure.

The mobile subscription that suits you

You can change your mobile subscription for free at any time. Take advantage of this to check that you are still using the subscription that best suits your needs.

Not quite convinced?

I'm ending all my advantages

Were we unable to help you? We regret that and are sorry that you are leaving us.

Please choose the situation that applies to you below.

Residential customer

You can use your MyProximus account to cancel.

  • Cancel your subscription(s) to Mobile, Internet, Landline or TV by choosing 'Cancel your subscription' at the bottom of the page 'My products'.
  • Manage your options (such as TV options, Norton Security, ...) under each related product in the page "My products".

Business customer

As a professional customer you have several ways to cancel your subscription(s).