Get the best out of your smartphone from the coast to the Ardennes

Published on 17/06/2019 in Be the first to know

Get the best out of your smartphone from the coast to the Ardennes

When you're on the move you always want to be reachable and use mobile Internet. Without interruptions of course. That’s why we keep on improving our network. You can keep counting on us. Even when it's packed.

You're in good hands

Want to surf the Net at super-fast speed, share a great moment or stream music and videos in high quality? Then you're in good hands with us1

Curious? View the coverage in your neighborhood.

Stay connected everywhere

An even stronger network, also where you don't expect it. Because obviously, you don't sit at home the whole time. You get out and about regularly. And then it's only logical that you're easily reachable, wherever you are. Even mobile Internet and downloading videos are sometimes part of it. We understand that. That's why we make sure you can rely on Belgium's strongest network, no matter where you are. On festival fields, at a concert,...

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What you can also expect


Enjoy crystal clear sound quality and easily make calls and browse the Net at the same time. Find out now whether your phone is compatible too.


Surf, stream and share at super-fast speed, even when on the move. Meanwhile, we're already working on its successor, namely 5G.

Connected cars

This allows you to turn your car into a real hotspot, to keep your kids occupied or to stream as much music as you want.

Fiber to your home

Surf, stream and game at the speed of light, without any loss of quality, and no matter with how many people or devices you’re surfing simultaneously.


  1. The independent company Commsquare tests the Proximus network regularly. Between 05/06/2020 and 26/06/2020 its vehicle with various receivers traveled 10.700 km along Belgian roads to measure the network quality everywhere. More info.
  2. Coverage not only behind the window of your home or office, but also at the spot within the building where you really use your mobile device every day.


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