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6 questions everyone asks about Instagram Stories

Published on 31/01/2017 in Tips & tricks from…

6 questions everyone asks about Instagram Stories

We give you the answer and explain how to use it.

Every now and again we see new features appear on social media. And hey presto, some time ago, Instagram came up with Instagram Stories. It was one of the biggest developments ever in the app. And in our view, it's the perfect answer to Snapchat.

Not by chance of course: Mark Zuckerberg owns Instagram as well as Facebook, but he didn’t manage to acquire Snapchat as well. "Oh well, let's just copy that app in Instagram" he must have thought.

Curious as I was, I put it through its paces thoroughly. And while I was at it, I drew up a list of the six most important questions about this new feature, along with the answers. This way you know what to expect.

  1. Why should I use it?

    The traditional posts on Instagram are ideal for recording your key events. Often those are beautiful snapshots with the required filters. But, as many know, posting too many snaps harms your street cred. Indeed, this causes the number of comments and likes on your posts to fall. But what if you wanted to post a lot of photos throughout the day?

    Well, this is where Instagram Stories is ideal. You make a whole story out of it with photos and videos. But, above all, everything can be more down to earth here. Your photos don't all have to be perfect. And the added advantage is that it's visible for only 24 hours. Just like with Snapchat, you start the next day with a clean slate again.

  2. How do I post a Story?

    It's very simple.

    1. Tap the plus sign at the top left. Don't see it? In that case, make sure you've downloaded the latest version.

    2. Now capture your special moment. Tap the round button at the bottom to take a photo. Prefer a video instead? In that case, hold down your finger on the button. You can record for up to 10 seconds.

    3. Although slightly hidden, another option is to select from your film reel a photo or video that was taken earlier. For this, swipe downwards.

    4. Made your choice? You can now add text if you want by tapping on "Aa". Want to draw something on the images? Tap on the pen at the top. Or would you like to add an old-school filter? In that case, swipe towards the left or the right.

    5. Finished? Send your images off into the world by tapping the large button with the checkmark at the bottom.

  3. And can I also just put my Story among my normal posts?

    Sure thing. To pick out a specific photo from the heap and let it shine on your timeline, tap on the three dots at the bottom in your story. Next, select "Share as post".

  4. And can I see who's viewed my Story?

    Yep. Like Snapchat, Instagram allows you to do this too. Tap on your Story and drag the screen upwards. Here you'll see an overview of all views.

  5. Incidentally, how can I view the Stories of others?

    That too is easy: at the top of your screen you'll see a row of photos of people you follow. The most recent stories are shown, from left to right. Tap the profile photo to view the story.

    In contrast to Snapchat, you can determine your viewing pace yourself. Tap the images to go to the next photo or video.

  6. And can I like or comment on a Story?

    It's not yet possible to like, but you can post a comment. These comments will not be publicly posted but will appear in your inbox as private posts.

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