Welcome to 5G in Mons

Experience the fastest mobile network

Published on 25/04/2024 in Bits & Bytes

Proximus brings the future to Mons with the rollout of its 5G network. Discover how 5G is transforming this historic, vibrant city. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming, lag-free gaming, and download big files in a blink. Are you ready to upgrade your mobile experience?

Welcome to 5G in Mons

What 5G brings to Mons

Proximus 5G delivers rock-solid coverage. Stream videos in the lively Grand Place or work remotely from the peaceful Jardin du Mayeur - your connection won't falter.  

  • Ultra-fast speeds: Wave goodbye to frustratingly slow download and upload times. Download HD movies in seconds, stream 4K content, and video chat with crystal-clear quality.  
  • Ultra-low latency: Forget lag and experience the thrill of real-time responsiveness. With Proximus, online gaming feels incredibly smooth, remote work becomes effortless, and cutting-edge innovations in telemedicine and remote control are possible. 
  • Ultra-stable connection: Stay connected when it matters most. Proximus delivers a consistently strong signal, even in crowded areas. Enjoy seamless connectivity at packed festivals and bustling city squares. 

Stepping in the 5G world in Mons: what you need? 

  • 5G-compatible smartphone: To make the most of your connection you need a compatible smartphone. Make sure the 5G function is enabled to harness the full power of this new network. Choose a 5G smartphone 
  • 5G mobile subscription: To use 5G, you need a mobile subscription that gives you access to the 5G network. Good news: most of our subscriptions allow you to access it! Except for prepaid SIM cards and the Essential subscription. Discover 5G subscriptions  
  • 5G network coverage: Luckily, being in Mons places you at the forefront of this tech revolution. Make sure you're in a 5G coverage area to enjoy all the benefits. Check 5G coverage

How will it elevate your mobile experience?  

This technology doesn't just change the way we connect; it transforms how we live, work, and play. 5G in Mons unlocks possibilities we're only beginning to imagine. Get ready to experience the next generation of mobile technology – the future starts now. 

Get ready to enjoy the fastest mobile network of Belgium

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