Safer roads with ANPR cameras

by One magazineTechnology05/08/2015

Safer roads with ANPR cameras
Since 2010, the Flemish Traffic Center has measured the average speed on highways where there are speed checks with a section control. This shows that section controls positively influence our driving behavior. On the E40, drivers are driving an average of 10 km/hr slower than before.

On the E40 in the Brussels direction, the average speed of cars has dropped from 128 to 120 km/hr; in the direction of Ghent, from 133 to 123 km/hr. The speed limit is observed by 85% of all cars. The number of speeding drivers is also falling. In 2011, 450,000 drivers in both directions still drove 130 kilometers per hour or faster. Last year there were 140,000, three times fewer.

These figures prove that speed checks with section control make our roads safer. Smart ANPR cameras are essential in this. They provide license plate recognition. Proximus and its partners have been appointed mission coordinator and provide an ANPR total solution. Local authorities that want to make their roads safer can contact the mission coordinator of the ‘Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer’ — The Roads and Traffic Agency to plan ANPR projects. In Belgium, 187 sites have already been equipped with ANPR. For 2016, 150 new projects are pending.

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