Published on 08/09/2016 in Tech, tips & tricks


With IFTTT, you program actions that kick in in response to predefined triggers or conditions. The service even reacts to an e-mail or the contents of a tweet.

The average home contains a lot of home automation but there is little likelihood that your smart thermostat, your wireless music system and your alarm system with smoke detectors and surveillance cameras are all from the same manufacturer. That sometimes makes it difficult to get them to talk to one another.

This is precisely what IFTTT excels at. The abbreviation stands for'if this, then that'. It’s a user-friendly Internet service with accompanying apps for iOS and Android. With IFTTT, you can quickly make ‘recipes’ so that all sorts of electronics automatically work together. For instance, your thermostat can easily be switched on automatically when you are nearing home, or the garden lights can be turned on when the sun goes down, but not if it’s raining.


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