Tips to help you manage your budget

The cost of living is increasing in numerous sectors. You will find here some tips & ideas to keep your budget under control.

No more surprise on your bill

Control your mobile budget with FullControl,
so you don’t exceed your monthly bundle.

More benefits with your mobile in a pack

Your 2nd mobile subscription as from €10 /month with Flex

Free access to Le Soir & Het Laatste Nieuws in your pack

With My e-Press get access to the full digital offering of Le Soir or Het Laatste Nieuws, included in Flex.

Get 5GB data extra

TV Customer? Great news! Benefit from an extra 5GB to use exclusively for the Pickx app.

Life hacks

To help your reduce the energy consumption of your devices

Connect to Wi-Fi when it’s possible

By using wifi, your phone consumes less energy, and you also get to keep your data for when it is needed!

Lower your TV Box’s consumption

Find out how to lower the power consumption of your TV Box and start saving.

Turn off your TV completely

Your TV when in standby mode still uses between 0.3 and 0.5W. Plug it into a power strip and switch it off to turn off all your devices completely.

How to take action?

Be notified of your mobile consumption

Receive SMS when your call and data bundle is partially or fully used up.

Recycle your old device and earn cash

Give your handset a second life by bringing it into a Proximus shop and recover its residual value.

Prefer a refurbished smartphone

Replacing your smartphone does not have to be (too) expensive. Get a refurbished one. Good for your wallet, good for the planet!

Internet social offer

Exclusive offer for eligible individuals and families with an integration income, seniors or people with disabilities.