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Broken, lost or stolen mobile?

Your free replacement smartphone is waiting for you!

Everything for your smartphone: replacement smartphone, Smartphone vouchers, Clear-Coat, Smartphone Start

And it’s yours to use for a whole month

You can pick up your free replacement phone from a Proximus Shop near you. You're reachable again in no time and you can have your current phone repaired. Or choose a new one.

This way you're reachable again in no time at all. Simple, isn't it?

One more tip: be sure to block your SIM card if your phone has been stolen.

Need a remplacement smartphone?

Get off to a flying start

And keep your smartphone in top condition

Smartphone Start

We'll swap or install your SIM card. We can also show you how to use your smartphone, basic configuration included. All for free.

Need to fully configure your new smartphone? The advanced configuration costs €10, a personalised training is available for €20.

Free of charge

Free of charge

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Norton Security

Don't give viruses and hackers a chance. They can completely mess up your mobile device too.

What's more, you'll be able to track your smartphone easily in case it gets stolen.

Only 2 /month

Only 2 /month

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Protect your smartphone comprehensively against scratches and dents, thanks to a protective layer. No need for a cover or pouch, with Clear-Coat!
Available in different versions: mat, classic, coloured,... Replacement of the film costs €10.

As of 29.99

As of 29.99

To your Proximus Shop

Want to have real peace of mind?

Protect your smartphone

Check out the Smartphone Omnium coverage: an equal model smartphone will be sent to you at home1 by the next day. Wherever you are in the European Union, for €12/month.

This way, you always stay close to friends and family. Great, isn't it?

  1. Delivery Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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