Switching to Proximus

Switching to Proximus

Why choose for Proximus?

Experience the quality of the network and the service!

An ultra-powerful mobile network guaranteed and surf faster than ever thanks to 4G+!

The best experience to call in any room of your house with the Mobile Coverage Extender.

We are available when you need help, by phone, at your home or in a shop.

Managing your account is easy: it’s accessible at all times with MyProximus.

Switching is easy!

And it’s worth your while

Easy: we take care of everything. Our technicians are at your disposal for a full installation!

Installation free of charge (€59 of saving) for new customers opting for Tuttimus or Familus.

You can keep your mobile numbers, and fixed line numbers if you stay in the same zone.

You can continue to use the e-mail address from your former operator free of charge for max. 18 months.

When you place your order, we will check if a technician's visit is necessary to install everything.

Compose your cancellation letter, to stop your current subscriptions.

Compose your Tuttimus Pack with TV!

Not yet a Proximus TV customer?

Stretch out on your sofa and enjoy the best of Proximus TV, with Tuttimus. You also get an extra TV bundle thrown in.

What's more, you combine it with ultra-fast, unlimited Internet and all the fixed and mobile calls you want. Plus, unlimited mobile data for your favorite app.

And there's more: the installation, modem and the first decoder are also included.

Compose your Tuttimus

Your smooth start with Proximus

You want to become a Proximus customer? Great!

Count on us to help you with some tips and useful links when you start using your Proximus products, and ensure you to profit from a good experience.


Get good value for your money: compare our offer with Telenet, Orange and VOO.

To offer you the best subscription adapted to your needs, please answer the following questions:

Which type of products do you want to compare?

Which type of Packs do you want to compare?

With which operator do you want to compare Proximus?

How to change operators?

Fill in the form to opt for Proximus. Don't forget to terminate your contract with your current operator: use our online tool to write your letter of termination. Want to keep your fixed or mobile number? In that case, you don't have to do anything; we will take care of the transfer.

With most operators (such as Telenet) you can terminate your contract without charge, but with some others (such as Numéricable) you will need to pay a termination penalty if you terminate your contract within the first six months. Therefore, always check for how long you have been a customer.


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