Internet for all

A connection for all

Proximus combats the digital divide

Keen to improve the digital inclusion of people in vulnerable situations, Proximus provides free access to:

  • An Internet modem
  • A 50 GB/month connection

What to do with 50 GB?

Check and send emails

Put administration in order

Surf on social networks

Take online courses

How to get and install the modem

3 easy steps

  1. To benefit from the "Internet for All" offer, check if your social organisationNew window works with Proximus.

    Do you represent an organization that helps people in vulnerable situations? Fill in our formNew window to be part of the project.

Frequently asked questions

If you exceed the 50 GB/month limit, your surfing speed will be slowed down (512 kbps). You will not be charged any additional costs.

Follow your consumption by installing the MyProximus mobile application.

A Proximus agent will contact you before the end of your contract to renew or terminate the service. The contracts are re-evaluated year after year. The contract is concluded for a fixed period of two year. The contract does not include a tacit renewal clause.

The offer is valid for two years from the moment your modem is delivered to your home.

50 GB/month may not be optimal for intensive internet use (e.g. gaming, streaming). If you want more volume, you may be better off taking out a social rate internet subscription. For students, we offer a reduced rate via the Internet kot subscription.

Refer to the installation manual(PDF, 583KB, in french) to connect to the Internet via the modem. As a last resort you can call 0800 32 008 for help.

Your internet connection is 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload

  • Easy to install: You can install it yourself with the help of the manual or the videoNew window, no need for a technician
  • Speed of 4G: The modem transforms your 4G network into wifi
  • Simultaneous use: Connect up to 32 devices at the same time
  • Transportable: A simple plug and play