Prevention of consumer scams

The Belgian organization grouping the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy have launched a campaign for the prevention of consumer scams. Proximus is supporting this campaign in two areas: fraud through overcharged telephone numbers and fraud via the Internet.


The majority of telephone services are usually delivered at a fair price. According to the law, you must be able to consult your provider’s rates at any time. Some providers, however, manage to extort money from you through overcharged telephone numbers, without you noticing.

Internet, could there be an easier way of finding information or that special product you’ve always wanted? Most services are provided under very secure conditions. But the network also has its risks and snares.


We believe that the most effective way of combating such scams is by being well informed, so we suggest you read the brief guides enclosed here. You will discover tips on how to keep risks to a minimum.