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Fiber is coming to [CITY]

Choose for the technology of the future

[CITY] switches to fiber


Fiber works planned

Fiber available/roll-out ongoing

Fiber available in new buildings

Make your home a fiberhome

Or your business a fiberbusiness

There's fiber and there's fiber. In one type of set-up, the fiber cable stops in the street and is then connected to a copper line or coax cable. In another type of set-up, the fiber cable is pulled through all the way into your home or business, offering you top-class performance. This is what we call a fiberhome or fiberbusiness. In the long term, this new network will replace our traditional copper network.


Why choose fiber?

Stable, ultra-fast Internet

No interruptions or speed-reducing to download, upload, stream or game no matter how many persons or devices are connected.

Ultra-low latency

When you play games online, every millisecond counts. With fiber, you have an edge over the competition.

A picture sharper than ever, on all your screens

On your TV, tablet or smartphone, you won't miss a single detail with fiber.

Future ready

In the future, more and more domestic appliances will be connected to the Internet. With fiber to your home, this evolution will be child's play.

Free installation

One of our technicians will come by to install the connection box to fiber and activate your Fiber pack free of charge1.

Three main installation steps

Installation of the cable in your street

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We lay our optical fiber cable in your neighborhood street by street. To allow the installation into your home or business, preparatory work is needed: excavation or facade work. We'll do everything we can to minimize disruption and will keep you informed of the schedule.

Connection of your home or business

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Once the works have been completed in your street, the fiber cable will arrive discretely in your premises. You will then be contacted for the installation of the connection box to fiber and the activation of your Fiber pack. If you live in a building with a syndic, they will be kept informed and will have to give their approval for a fiber cable to be pulled into each housing unit.

Installation of the connection box

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After an appointment has been fixed, one of our technicians will visit your home or business to install the connection box to fiber and to activate the Fiber pack of your choice, free of charge1. Please note that there must be an electrical outlet close to the box.

Find out more about the installation:

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Questions about the works


General questions about fiber

FR: 0800 33 800

NL: 0800 22 800

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1Value of the installation: €350 incl. VAT for residential customers, and €286 excl. VAT for the self-employed and small businesses. Valid for each activation of a Tuttimus Fiber, Familus Fiber, Minimus Fiber, Epic combo Fiber, Bizz All-in Fiber or Bizz Office Fiber pack. If you opt for another Fiber pack (Internet Fiber + TV, Internet Fiber + Telephony, Telephony + TV or Internet Fiber + mobile + TV) or Internet Fiber on its own, an installation fee will be billed for a new installation: €59 incl. VAT for residential customers and €48.76 excl. VAT for the self-employed and small businesses.

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